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This Resolution was passed unanimously
by the SF Labor Council on January 27, 2003.

WHEREAS the APWU & the NALC & all postal workers have the right to pass out literature at any mail facility, against the war.

WHEREAS postal management & the postal police have attempted to stop postal workers from distributing literature against the war & have issued citations to two APWU union members.

WHEREAS postal workers have the right to free speech & civil rights under the protection of the US constitution,

BE IT RESOLVED that this body, SFLC, stand with the APWU, NALC & all postal workers in their fight against postal management's & the postal police's attempts to intimidate & threaten postal workers.

BE IT RESOLVED that the SFLC communicate this to the postmaster of SF & our elected representatives.

Submitted by Carl Bryant NALC Branch 214

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