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The following resolution was adopted Saturday, March 20 by delegates to the
annual convention of the California Federation of Teachers without dissent.

Oppose AFL-CIO Acceptance of National Endowment for Democracy Funds

Whereas the AFL-CIO and unions generally in the U.S. are deeply committed to
the concept of solidarity with labor movements in other countries, and

Whereas the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) has served as a front for
U.S. government foreign policy objectives, including acting in the past as a
front for U.S. government intelligence operations and subversive
interference in the internal affairs of the labor movements of other
countries, and 

Whereas the AFL-CIO leadership, through the Federation's Solidarity Center,
has announced its intentions to apply for $3 to 5 millions in funding from
the NED for its operations in Iraq, and

Whereas the conventions of the International Labor Organization guarantee
workers of every country the right to choose to be represented by the labor
organization or union of their own choosing, free from government, corporate
or foreign interference or constraints, and

Whereas AFL-CIO acceptance of NED funding for its solidarity work in Iraq
would have the appearance, if not the effect, of interfering in the internal
affairs of the Iraqi labor movement in furtherance of U.S. government
foreign policy objectives,

Therefore be it resolved that the California Federation of Teachers affirm
its support for the principles of autonomy, independence and
self-determination embodied in the International Conventions of the
International Labor Organization, and

Be it further resolved that the CFT oppose the AFL-CIO and its Solidarity
Center seeking or accepting funding from the U.S. government, its agencies
and any other institutions which it funds such as the NED for its work in
Iraq or elsewhere, and

Be it further resolved, that CFT urge the AFL-CIO to fund its international
programs and activities from funds generated directly by its affiliates and
their members, and 

Be it finally resolved, that CFT communicate this resolution and its
sentiments to the California Federation of Labor, the American Federation of
Teachers, the AFL-CIO leadership and all CFT affiliates and in such other
ways as furthers the purpose and intent of this resolution. 

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