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LaborNet exists as a place to publicise your struggles and campaigns for workers rights. We always make room for stories about strikes, lockouts and workers fight to organize. We are also planning to expand LaborNet in a number of areas with a national labor calendar, on line discussion and debates with leading labor activists and scholars and th e ability to search the many years of labor news and information built up over the last 5 years.

We ask you to join the LaborNet community in building up the us of this information network and technology for all working people. We are interested in helping your labor organization whether it be rank and file group, union local, Labor Council or Inte rnational with getting on line and using the net to build labor power. We will be providing on site support to help train and build your connections with the web. We are interested in your help in developing our web pages and in bringing representatives on too our steering committee.

Please contact us if you have ideas, contributions and activities that you think we should do or be part of.

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