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When A Vision Becomes A Nightmare
Source Dan Mariscal
Date 08/02/12/10:35

ONE OF THE signs of a dictatorship is that they surround themselves only
with people that agree with them. As the dictator strays further and further
from the original goal, the dictator's circle of loyalists becomes smaller
and smaller until the dictator finds himself alone and in a state of
disconnect. Winding up in the largest river in the Middle East; D'Nile.
This appears to be the case in SEIU's upper leadership. For the past couple
of years there were changes promised that have not materialized, dues money
and members contributions that have been mis-managed and in some cases,
outright deception of the SEIU membership. At some point there has to be an
awakening; a threshold will have been crossed and the true colors will shine
This appears to have been the case in that Sal Rosselli, the former
President of the California State council and leader of the United
Healthcare Workers Union (UHW) has submitted a letter of resignation, of his
position in the Executive Committee, to Andy Stern, President of the Service
Employees International Union.
Judging from his letter dated February 9, 2008, this decision was a
principled one and was based on cumulative occurrences regarding the
direction of SEIU. The most interesting part is that it is also based on
information that only an insider would know.
This could only signal a wake-up call to the rest of us.
We can no longer let the blanket of apathy roll over us and "have faith"
that it will all work out in the end. The vision that were sold, has evolved
into our nightmare. I say "our nightmare" because it is the members,
activists and leaders that will have to confront this growing threat on our
democratic principles.
We at Fight for 347 have made our stand at the City of Los Angeles Employee Relations Board and
stopped SEIU's merged union, Local 721, from certification as our bargaining
representative. We have begun meetings with members to form and elect new
officers based on our long standing democratic principles.
The time is fast approaching when more and more members will wake up and
smell the coffee, and the battle cry will resound throughout the labor
movement; it's OUR union!

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