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Freightliner 5 Officer Arrested For Attending Union Meeting
Source Franklin Torrence
Date 08/02/18/08:56

ON SATURDAY FEBRUARY 16, Allen Bradley one of the Freightliner 5 was
arrested for trespassing. Allen Bradley is one of the five of us
elected members of UAW Local 3520 who was terminated by Freightliner
in April 2007. We was tolt that our membership in good standing had
expired in October,2007. In May 2007 charges was brought against us
by 53 members of the membership and was DEEMED IMPROPER by UAW LOCAL
ORDERED A TRIAL on the appeal of one of the charging parties. In
October meeting the charging member made a motion to suspend the five
members from office, and it was REJECTED by the membership. The
president (George Drexel) made a motion to the membership for the
expenses for lost time for the trial and it was REJECTED by the
membership. Under the constitution, when a member brings a member up
on charges the trial must proceed unless the charging party drops the
charges. In November 2007 we stood trial by a seven member panel of
members. We was found NOT GUILTY 6-1. If our membership in good
standing had expired in October, how could we have been put on trial
in November?? There is something wrong here...we have attended all
executive board meeting and regular union meeting up to this
point....The president and the financial Secretary states "this is
coming from the assistant regional director Donnie Bevis and we are
doing what we are told" We are new to the labor movement and the red
carpet is rolled out to the international by a few of our leaders in
our local here. The rank n file does not realize who runs the
local.... it is the members...not the international. I gurantee Donnie
Bevis of Region 8 will not give our president anything with his
signature on it about what he states. Please go to our web site and
check out the meeting 2/16/08 pictures of the removal of officers:
Franklin Torrence
wounded soldier

This is absolute madness! How can anyone claim to be in solidarity with you when they have you arrested for attending a Membership meeting.

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