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"Andy Stern Would Be Proud"-SF SEIU-City Labor Negotiators Push Sellout
Source Rex Spray
Date 08/02/18/09:13

I'VE BEEN reading the traffic on the proposed retirement
initiative and it is a sellout. I'm stunned at the proposal. Andy
Stern would be proud.

If SEIU wanted to do something for the members and community, they would
endorse single payer and fight to make that a reality for everyone. It
solves the healthcare funding issue for active and retired workers.

Fortunately, I live in The City and I won't be voting for the proposal
despite the personal financial improvement for me and Tim.

SEIU sold out all new hires in the last negotiation by making their
salary increases dependant on their performance appraisals and created a
two tier system on shift differential. Departments will balance their
books by denying raises, except for the mgt pets. It's already
happening in DPH.

Now SEIU is proposing new hires work 20 years to have the same benefit
you enjoy now because "The City will do it anyway next year." It's
cowardice pure and simple and stinks of personal advantage at a huge
cost to future civil servants including any of our family members who
may want to work for The City. Whatever happened to fighting for
working people.

Single payer would solve the problem but SEIU won't support it and
doesn't want to offend Arnold or take away the contributions from the
insurance companies to the Democratic machine.

SEIU's new corporate unionism has betrayed the membership at LHH by
remaining absolutely silent on the LHH downsize. Actually the
political folks helped green light the DPH plans on LHH and endorse the
impressive job loss of over 200 FTE.

What's next? Gutting the entire public health system. We're seeing the
start with the BOS vote and the message sent out to DPH staff yesterday
from Mitch Katz. SEIU will rally at city hall, but quietly agree.
Services and jobs lost.

It's absurd and fascinating to watch.

Best Wishes, Rex
Rex Spray RN, Case Manager CRT @ SFGH

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