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Chrysler workers attack in Belvidere, Ill.
Source Kathy Hungress
Date 08/03/07/12:49

The specific threat was, "If you think NIU was bad, wait until Friday!"
The vandalism they are referring to is poop in a car, workers peeing in/on the vehicles on the line, engine wires cut, and drive shafts not hooked up. Not to mention the dents, cars being keyed and scratched!

Police Step Up Patrols at Chrysler After Threats at the Plant
By Laura Gibbs
13 News

BELVIDERE - A hidden presence tonight at the Belvidere Chrysler Assembly Plant. Various actions throughout the week prompt a security upgrade.

Chrysler typically has security on site 24/7. But with reports of vandalism and some specific threats made toward the plant, that forced Chrysler to bring in extra law enforcement today.

Belvidere Police say its department, as well as the Boone County Sheriff's Department and Illinois State Police were called in to help. All were on site tonight, adding a little bit of an extra presence throughout various parts of the plant and making rounds to all the different departments.

Belvidere Police tell 13 News that management requested these extra patrols until further notice. Workers say cars on and off the assembly line were damaged, possibly 25 to 30 or even more. We've also heard reports of fights in the plant and that's on top of a threat with a reference to the shooting at Northern Illinois University. It was allegedly a threat alluding to something potentially happening on Friday. That is the day that 600 third shift workers are said to be out of a job.

Belvidere police won't say how many extra officers are here tonight. The Chrysler security office also didn't have much to tell us.

While 13 News was outside the location and within the last half hour before 10:00, at least two Boone County Sheriff's Department officers and vehicles and the Belvidere Police Department and possibly an undercover state police vehicle all made their way back to the security office, possbily regrouping, gearing up for another shift. It's the third shift here at the Chrysler plant that starts at 11:00 p.m.

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