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May 9,2008 International Day Of Action For Freightliner Five With Rally In Cleveland, North Carolina
Date 08/05/03/23:57


The Freightliner Five are calling for a world day of action to demand that Freightliner and it's owner Daimler rehire these five fired workers. Over one year ago, the five Freightliner UAW 3520 shop floor leaders were terminated in retaliation for their strike for decent health and safety conditions and a decent contract. Although Daimler has an agreement not to discriminate and retaliate against workers who are using their democratic rights, the company has fought all efforts to bring the workers back to work. This struggle is not only about the Freightliner Five, but whether workers throughout the South will feel that they have the right to a democratic union without being fired and discriminated against for union activity.

We are calling for labor and community supporters and activists to join with the Freightliner Five at their rally on Friday May 9, 2009 at 1:00 PM in Cleveland, North Carolina. For those who cannot make the rallies we ask that you have actions at Freightliner repair facilities and also at Daimler operations including Daimler Benz dealerships the US and Daimler operations throughout the world.

If you are not able to make a rally or action you can also call and fax the companies on May 9, 2008 in every country of the world to let them know that union busting is not acceptable and Daimler must rehire the Freightliner Five.

Please send copies of your correspondence to our web site at

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