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FYI Protests to stop gas prices
Source Michael Troy Moore
Date 08/05/15/01:50

Just an FYI,

I am Michael Troy Moore former special representative UFCW 588 and asst. to Jack L. Loveall and America Federations of Musicians Director of Organizing and International task force, as well as former Candidate for office in AFM Local 12 & International Office.

Upon leaving UFCW and AFM I went back to being an entertainer something that I was before working for the unions.

Part of my choice to leave was the corruption I seen along the way and it appears to be in most if not all of the unions, AFM has over 65% of it elected or installed officers are EMPLOYERS of AFM Union Members and non union members.

This can be traced back to at least the 1960's if not the 1950's when President Jimmy Pettrillo was Forced to step down.

For a hint of this View the scene in the 1980 movie The Blues Brothers right after the perform at the Red Neck Bar called "Bob's country Bunker" The part where actor John Belushi asked the band " The Good Ole Boys" to see their American Federation of Musicians Union cards.

This was not a simple joke- this was part of the truth about the AFM tucked into that movie.

I have my solo recording and touring band, I do some acting and I do stand up when my band is on break as well as being a former co -host on a radio show that was sandwiched in between Howard Stern and Opie -Anthony show in some markets on CBS -infinity radio.

Labor day weekend in 2006 I was at my rehearsal studio and band had canceled that day for holiday weekend, I had no plans and my office was overlooking Interstate 80 in Roseville, California and I could see all of the cars on the Interstate could also see the gas station and prices just rose above $2.40 a gallon.

I had nothing to do- I had "BLANK" picket signs already made so planned to picket the Lead hill Over pas in I-80 for 1 hour get my daily walk in and do a bit- a gag and get a laugh.

I wound up Picketing for 6 hours that day do to the Overwhelming response from the public driving by on the road and under me on the Interstate.

My picket sign said what I felt in my heart "FUCK GAS PRICES!"

Police knew me from my days at the UFCW and left me alone.

3 parents form a local church were angry for my use of the word FUCK.

I handed them a flyer with a 14th century definition of the word FUCK "to Strike or Thrust"

This just made them more pissed off!
The next day I picked again for 6 hours- Ch 10 Sacramento came out interviewed me- I told them I book 6 to 18 months in advance and the spike in gas prices hurts working musicians.

Ch 10 did ten minute segment on what I was doing.

The scab Arnold Governors office issued a statement on the news "NO need to protest high gas prices as they will be coming down soon.

This was August 2006.

The Final day Governor Arnold sent 8 thugs out to the over pass to "Remove ME", this group of thugs has several California Highway Patrolmen led by suits from the Governors office.

I was in Roseville polices Jurisdiction and the Roseville PD was told to STAY OUT OF IT!

Ok this was almost 2 years ago gas prices have doubled and 1 man idiot with a picket sing saying FUCK GAS PRICES created this reaction?

I know if has little to do with me and more to do with the message on the sign.

Image 1,000+ picket signs on over passes and at state capitols at the same time and date?

It is in the works.

Michael Troy Moore

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