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My Economic Stimulus Rebate Check was spent on a WHEELCHAIR
Date 08/05/15/02:46

Letter To Chairman Rangel, of the U.S. House Committee on Ways and
Means by
Injured SEIU Kaiser Downey Hospital Healthcare Worker Gail Shephard

TOXIC Disablement in the City of Downey! My Econimic Stimulus Rebate Check
was spent on a WHEELCHAIR. I am an 18 year Employee of The Kaiser
Permanente Medical Group.

My Department of Orthopedics was one of the first Departments to relocate to
the Garden Medical Offices in Downey, and is now part of the Regional
Medical Center, which is built on the property once known as The NASA/
Boeing Industrial Plant. As you are very much aware, this property was a
SUPERFUND Site, with a toxic land contamination history of 70 years. NASA
reported an 80% clean-up.

At the time President Bush signed for the Privatization, NASA could not
assure the lands safety, due to their discovery of under estimating
contamination levels. Further remediation steps by the Industrial Realty
Group and Kaiser took place while many Workers and Actors on the property
became ill, with also some death’s. This illness became known to the Downey
Studios as the Downey Flu.

As foot, ankle and bone pain was ignored, due to self denial, I then went
seeking medical advice after symptoms of elbow pain began. I was advised to
file a Work Compensation Claim. After becoming unable to work and upon
discovering through an Article, of the ongoing remediation efforts, I made
it known to my Dr., where then, shortly after I was released from Work
Compensation status, and given orders to return to work without restrictions
While remediation efforts were taking place, my co-workers and I had been
experiencing symptoms of diffuse body pain and dizzy spells. Cal-OSHA was

An Air Quality Study was conducted many weeks later by KAISER, and it was
determined the air filters would be changed more frequently due to heavy
construction activities within close proximity. My co-workers continue
ongoing illnesses, and NOW the water is being checked!

While the EPA’s duties are undermined by the Bush Administration, I find it
quite interesting that Mr. Neil Ziemba, who’s title was EPA representative
for over site of the remediation on this property, is now a top employee for
IRG, and the EPA records are no longer in existence. I also find it ironic
that an Award was created for and presented to themselves. The Pheonix

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