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SF AFT 2121 Calls For Statewide Day Of Action For All Public Workers In California To Stop Massive Budget Cuts
Source Allan Fisher
Date 08/05/18/13:41

Special to LaborNet

AFT 2121 Community College Teachers in San Francisco have launched a campaign for a statewide public workers day of action to stop the massive budget cuts and butchering of the budget in California. With nearly 2 million local, state and county workers in California, a statewide day of action including strikes could effectively shut down California. The local is asking for support resolutions to other union, community and student organizations.

United Day of Action for Defense of Public Workers – resolution endorsed by AFT 2121

Whereas, the state budget proposed by Governor Schwarzenegger in January 2008, would reduce funding to all sectors of the state budget including CSU and CCC systems by over $800 million; and

Whereas, the proposed budget will produce a variety of impacts that would be detrimental to the well-being of the people of California, and hurt access, affordability, and quality of education through larger class sizes, reductions in campus services, reductions in instructional support and research programs, and student fee increases unaffordable to some; and

Whereas, the proposed reductions to the state budgets could eliminate many well-paid jobs and depress wages for essential employees, creating a harmful economic impact on California and generating less personal income tax revenue for the state’s general fund; and

Whereas, revenue could be enhanced by restoring the upper-income tax bracket that was previously lowered, instituting oil-severance taxes as applied in other states, closing tax loopholes for yacht and private jet owners, increasing corporate and business property taxes to a comparable rate with other states and by other measures, and

Whereas, the Justice Policy Institute has found that states that made larger investments in higher education experienced better public safety outcomes such as declines in violent crime rates; and,

Whereas, in an unprecedented manner, the California Community Colleges and the California State University system have joined together to advocate for higher education funding that respects the needs of California’s students, families, workers, and employers, as well as the economic welfare of our state; now, therefore, be it

Resolved, that AFT 2121 seek concurrence with other other unions, central labor councils and state federations, including the San Francisco Labor Council and the CFT, in requesting that the California Federation of Labor convene a meeting of public worker labor unions with the purpose of joining forces with our allies to organize a massive rally in Sacramento as soon as can be effectively carried out in order to pressure Governor Shwarzenegger’s and the state legislature to rescind proposed budget cuts and student fee increases.

If your local or council endorses this initiative please forward this to all affiliated organizations and send a copy to

Allan Fisher

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