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Postal employees and other community organizations will be picketing the Post Office
Date 08/06/12/18:16

Postal employees and other community organizations will be picketing the Post Office
Pacific Carrier Annex
1199 Ortega (corner of 19th Ave)
Friday June 20, 2008
4pm to 7pm

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Support your letter carrier – Postal management is abusive and unfair!

An elderly carrier was taken to the office for going to get water at the water fountain so she could take her medication. She was chastised and instructed to wait until her break to go get water.

A carrier was given a letter of warning simply because she advised a co-worker who was being harassed, to call Nancy Pelosi.

After weeks of harassment a letter carrier finally broke down and began crying. She was sent home on emergency suspension accused of “disrupting the workroom floor.”

Carriers are instructed to cancel their doctor appointments and go on their day off.

Postal management is delaying the processing of grievances. Over 200 grievances have been delayed, many taking more than one year for the steps that should take five weeks. With the grievance process derailed management is free commit any number of violations while they go after postal employees for any minor infraction.

Yelling, arguing, demeaning remarks, and treating employees with contempt are routine. Many employees are distraught and stressed out and feel they have no where to turn for help. Carriers are expected to follow orders without opinion or question. If an individual disagrees with a supervisor they are often accused of “disrespecting a supervisor.”

There’s been a substantial increase in firings and suspensions and other discipline in order to intimidate employees into working faster just so the managers can collect their bonuses.

A San Francisco letter carrier murdered his supervisor and then committed suicide in December of 2006. Many believe it was linked to the increase in abusive conditions in the stations. Many fear that it will happen again because postal employees don’t seem to have any way to rectify the situation.

This summer the National Association of Letter Carriers Branch 214 is trying to raise awareness of the appalling conditions that letter carriers and other postal employees are working under as the postal management is becoming increasingly autocratic and dictatorial. The U. S. Postal Service is obviously facing difficult times with the downturn in the economy and the decrease in mail volume but postal employees are standing together on Friday June 20, 2008 to say that there is absolutely no excuse for the abuse of any employee just to increase productivity.

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