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Elkhart Steinway UAW 364 Strikers Still Out For More Than Two Years-Support Needed
Date 08/06/12/18:21

Elkhart Steinway UAW 364 Strikers Still Out For More Than Two Years-Support Needed

International Rank and File Struggle

We, at Local 364 in Elkhart Indiana would like to thank all of those who have
supported our strike.
Our struggle began April 01, 2006, when we turned down the first proposal . 230
people went out to the street with 4700 years of experience. Meanwhile the
company keeps hiring scab workers. Lately they just added a third shift and the
union took us off the strike line at night. We always thought that strike lines
were a 24 hour ordeal. This was a result from benefit cuts, wage cuts, shift
changes, mandatory overtime, company rights with language, elimination of
pension, and insurance changes.

We, learned of things that we could do to get the word out. Not from our Local
or Region or International Union Officials. But from good hearted people who
have been willing to put their time in for us by picketing or donating or simply
helping us to get the word out. We are asking everyone to boycott any
instruments that Steinway sells.

The Road Warrior group has gone to a lot of conventions and meetings. We have set
up a web site. It is And we have set up a food bank it is
Food 4 Strikers, 58558 Ardmore Drive, Elkhart, Indiana
46517. We repeatedly asked our union to help us with food bank and web site set
up and nothing got done. Still to this day no picket no help from union......
Messina who owns Steinway says the strike is over, and that no one is coming
back but still took some more crossers over the line. The last count of crossers
is 54 that we received from our union officials. There is no support from our
local group, they will not picket with us, go to conventions or set up any news
broadcasts to get the word out. Therefore we do not have much community support
in our town because our union will not approve any activities.

The union is paying our insurance and 200.00 strike check weekly. When the Road
Warrior group went to the National Convention in Detroit. No one from our Region
3 got up to speak on safety measures from the yes to approve ruling or for the
no. Where was our representatives? This was Wednesday of the convention, the
second day. Since our strike began We have turned down 4 other proposals. Pretty
much the same reasons as above. When we went out on strike, Messina cut burial
benefits for retirees, these individuals can not even be buried after all the
time they put into Vincent Bach, now Conn-Selmer which is a division of
Steinway. We have had some die in the last year. We think this is wrong. Messina
cares about no one but his self.

During this strike, fellow strikers have gone through terrible financial
difficulty, losing their homes, cars, support for their children and divorces.
We have had heart attacks, death and other health issues.

Thank you for listening. Please help us picket. BOYCOTT any Steinway products or
any support you can give us.

230 Strikers
Local 364, Elkhart Indiana
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