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UAW 364 Conn Selmer/Steinway Workers On Strike Since April 1, 2006-Support Needed
Date 08/06/16/22:40

Support Striking Conn-Selmer Employees of Vincent Bach Plant!

UAW 364 on strike since April 1 2006

Workers in Japan ask Conn- Selmerís biggest customer to stop buying scab built horns.

Whatís the strike about? Itís not about wages,
insurance, or benefitsÖ

Itís simply about being offered a job in the

Even they realize what affects one worker affects all workers!

When management was asked to clearly put
this in writing the company refused and asked
that we accept their verbal promise.

We declined!

*30 to 40 year employees would not be striking for two years just for a few dollars!

CEO Dana Messina promised during his Internet phone conference to investors in May of 2007, "So regardless of the outcome of the contract ratification vote, absent any attrition from our current employees, we will not be able to recall striking workers back to a single job. Not one1."

With out a union, even the Conn Man Statue has to work.

Messina is asking for total flexibility in the contract2.
Items include:
Units per hour-subject to change.
Methods to determine (units per hour)-subject to change
Fines for 1% missed production would be 10% pay.
Shops rules-to be decided later
Insurance-subject to change, drop or premium increase.
Starting times & 4 or 5 day work week- subject to change
Overtime-two hours notice before quitting time.

Why should you care? Because this is happening many other places, possible at your work someday! Unions fight for the least protected in the work place.
Ways you can help:

* Tell musicians and teachers that three major Musician unions ask for a boycott of Bach products; Las Angeles, Chicago and New York

* Tell friends and neighbors to honor our picket line for the strike is a Just Strike.

* Write letters to your community newspaper about our strike and the hard fought laws unions brought every worker.

* Write or call your Lawmakers!

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