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Labor struggle in Haiti
Source Haiti Analysis
Date 08/06/21/18:20

WE WOULD LIKE TO inform the readers of about the ongoing
struggle of trade unionists in Haiti against privatization. In April-May
2008 the International Workers of the World made a delegation to Haiti to
build solidarity with the Confederation of Haitian Workers. This IWW Blog
for this visit can be viewed at The
Confederation of Haitian Workers website is located at In addition a number of articles over the last
year have shed more light on the struggle of Haitian workers to organize in
their work places and battle neo-liberalism. Here are just a few articles:

"May Day in Haiti: Workers Protest Privatization" IWW Delegation Blog - May
3, 2008

"Confédération des travailleurs haitiens: Launches New Campaigns and
Website" By Nazaire St Fort and Jeb Sprague - November 24, 2007

"An interview with Agronomist Jude Bonhomme and Mayor Lamoun Chery of
Roch-à-Bateau" By Nazaire St Fort and Jeb Sprague - September 2007

"Association of Owners and Drivers of Haiti (APCH) Demand Better Conditions
and End to Government's Privatization Program" By Roger Annis - August 21,

"HAITI: Workers Protest Privatisation Layoffs" By Jeb Sprague and Wadner
Pierre - July 24, 2007

"HAITI: Pain at the Pump Spurs Strike Actions" By Jeb Sprague and Wadner
Pierre - June 19, 2007

"Haiti: Privatization Plan Begins with Mass Firings at Téléco " By AHP -
July 12, 2007

"Defending Labor Rights in Haiti" By Ben Terral - May 9, 2007

"Haiti's CTH joins Grassroots Human Rights Coalition" By Wadner Pierre -
January 29, 2007

"Haiti: Civil servants unjustly fired take to streets of Port-au-prince to
call for their reintegration" By AHP - July 12, 2006

Visit our website at - News, Views and Analysis
on and from the Grassroots in Haiti.

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