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PMA Bosses File NLRB Charges Against ILWU For Violating Taft-Hartley By Shutting Down On May Day
Date 08/06/30/00:06

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On May 27, 2008 the Pacific Maritime Association filed charges against the ILWU with the National Labor Relations Board for violating provisions of the Taft-Hartley and shutting down 29 west coast ports to protest the war in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as commemorating May Day. According to the charges with the NLRB "On or about Feb 8, 2008 and at all times thereafter, the International Longshore and Warehouse union ILWU has engaged in the planning, coordination and publication of work stoppage scheduled to occur on or about May 1, 2008 at ports throughout the West Coast.
"The ILWU's actions in connection with the May 1, 2008 work stoppage constituted an unlawful secondary boycott in violation of the Section B(b)(4)(B) of the Act."

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