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McCormick place issues
Source Patrick McGuire, Carpenters Local 10
Date 08/07/04/01:07

THE COMMERCIAL HARD working carpenters of McCormick Place just took another hit fron local 10 president and vice president of the District Council Frank Libby.Since 1998 Frank has been making seperate deals with GES and Freeman [the two top contractors in the trade show industry] We are now sharing are work with another unio which I beleive is illegal. We have lost alot of are overtime and doubletime. Which does not include any other part of the union including the carpenters who work for McCormick Place directly. We now beleive in two years that he will try to seperate us totally. Theit only three divisions of carpenters as we know of [Commercial, Residential, and industrial] We arecommercial carpenters and wish to stay that way In 1998 we went to our
State Reps and Senators to beat House Bill 18.Which would have the unions as they exsist taken out of McCormick Place which was backed by Frank Libby and then President Earl Oliver. Since then Frank has been doing private contracts with seperate contractors without other BAs knowing and problably not caring. What people do not realize is that McCormick Place brings at least 10 million dollars a year to the city and State. If the carpenters get taken out or seperated it will hurt all trades. Webelieve what Frank Libby is doing is totally illegal therefore we are now seeking laywers to help us. We know this is an uphill battle as it is hard to get everyone involved even carpenters jobs are at stake but there is a group of ur who are willing to get started. I will keep you posted Any help or advise will help Thank You for your time
Patrick McGuire

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