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Good blogs
Source Max B. Sawicky
Date 08/08/09/10:40

I FEEL LIKE I OUGHT to address DDís gloom about blogworld.

There really is a lot of worthwhile stuff out there. Below
are places I visit regularly, though they are many more
good ones for which there just isnít time.

Hereís a rough taxonomy (Google if you want to find them.
I donít have the energy to supply all the URLs):

Social-democratic policy wonkery. Informed discussion of the details of policy

Issues can be found at Tapped, Ezra Klein,, DeLong,

(The Tapped/New Republic writers are I think the careerists Daniel was talking about.
I donít see the problem if they want to grow up and get platforms on bigger outlets.

We could do a lot worse Ė in fact we are doing a lot worse. At the Post, for instance,
The big liberals EJ Dionne and Harold Myerson are total bores.)

Following the political horserace: Media Matters for America, The Plank (at the
New Republic site), Talking Points Memo.

Partisan Democratic vituperation: Eschaton (I find myself obliged to check it
about every 20 minutes), firedoglake

Iraq coverage: attackerman, Juan Cole, Robert Dreyfuss

Academic topics: Crooked Timber

Financial Markets: The Big Picture, Calculated Risk, Roubini/Setser

Heterodox economics: EconoSpeak, naturally, featuring a gaggle of eminent
and former PEN-Lers; the incomparable Dean Baker on the American Prospect site;

D-Squared when heís in the mood

Other economics: Marginal Revolution, EconLog, Mark Thoma,
Krugman, Angry Bear

Funny: Fafblog, The Poor Man, Chase Me Ladies Iím in the Calvary (especially the comment threads)

Best timewaster: The Huffington Post

Best radical site: good question. Have to say CounterPunch, warts and all.
Not bloggy as much as article-based.

Early Days of a Better Nation is good but posts are infrequent and
as much essay as bloggy.

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