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Kaiser's/military pathological need for "personality disorders"
Source Dina Padilla
Date 07/08/02/13:47

Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2007
Kaiser's/military pathological need for "personality disorders".

Yesterday on CNN and in today's Sacramento Bee, is an article about soldiers
who cannot get medical care because of "personality disorders" and their
lawsuit against the Dept. of Veteran Affairs for denial of medical care.

Sound familiar?

What are personality disorders? The disorders are mental conditions of those
who may have suffered severe abuse and neglect as children and usually
manifests itself in the mid to late teens. It consists of three phases which
include being compulsive-obsessive, neurotic, paranoid schizoid,
narcissistic, passive agressive, anti-social, hypochondria, and now possibly
depression, demetia, alzheimers and many other mental maladjustments.
It's great for the pharmaceutical companies!

These are the same criteria that the Dept of Veteran Affaits is using to
deny our soldiers who have been subjected to the worst of the worst in human
conditions-the carnage of war!

My first knowledge of "personality disorder" came in 1988 and many times
thereafter. This was due to many older and long term female employees
filing worker comp claims (per management's requests) per Kaiser worker comp
policies which in actuality were really for repetetive stress related
injuries that included carpel tunnel, herniated discs in the neck and lower
back but filed under pysche stress claims.

This did not inlcude all the other injuries that were deliberately ignored
that included gastro-dermatology or chemical exposure. Many of these
employees were abused mentally, physically and emotionally because they
wanted better working conditions for themselves and better care for their
patients. How dare they they expect the best?

Many of these employees suffered sexual abuse, physical abuse, racial abuse
and outright hostility from managers and supervisors per Kaiser's medical
doctors administration. Their unions like S.E.I.U. and CNA did nothing!
These unions let employees go out the door with all these abuses nd are
guilty of crimes just like Kaiser. The doctor administrators, managers,
supervisors and the unions were all part of a group think that resulted in
the planning of getting rid of the highest paid workers.
They were very successful and still are!

Kaiser sent their employees only to military doctors that were orthopedic
and pyschiatry for illegal exams which inlcuded an automatic MMPI-Minnesota
Multiphasic Personality Inventory test to determine what type of disorder
they had. The MMPI- is no longer used, it was used during the McCarthy Era
and Sam Ervin tried to enact a law against it because employers were using
the MMPI-an Atheortical, not based on any particular theory for hiring
employees. It was a phony test to get desired results to commit more abuse
on employees so they would not get their compensation. This is premedidated
and evil as it gets.

Many Kaiser employees came under the 3 phases of personality disorders which
is impossible and incredulous on its face. These employees claims were
mostly reduced to stress claims that included the "personality disorder"
which discredited the employees for compensation, the complete denial of
their claims. A mark for life! These employees were then forced into years
of litigation, only for some of them to die or go to their social security
and medicare funds that they payed for and not being compensated for
any/all their injuries. Some of these employees are doctors who like the
unionized employees were retaliated against, if only because they were just
higher paid and with the promise of big pensions in their names and or if
they did not perform an imaginery wrong or a real wrong!

Now the Dept. of Veterans Affairs is doing the same thing to our soldiers
who have fought over and over again in a war that is a flat out lie! With
the same premeditation and evil! Were Kaiser workers the testing ground to
destroy employees both mentally and physically in order to see how long it
takes an employee to give up, to what is owed to them?

Is THAT why an ex-military Kaiser manager nurse told me in 1992 that
500,000 soldiers are expendable in the time of war. What did she know that
we didn't? Were we Kaiser employes included in that number for the obvious
and obscene profit?

This is what the Dept. of Veteran Affairs is doing and how long has this
been going on? Did Dr. William Winkenberken, who has been in charge of the
Walter Reed Military Hospital write the same health policies for
U.S.Soldiers and Kaiser employees, that are in reality, are worker
compensation claims, just so that they don't have to pay for by simply
putting a mentally ill jacket on them called "personality disorders"???

This illuminates the many years of abuse committed through the so called
HMO/insurance and DoD health community concerning the sick, the elderly and
the poor who cannot get health coverage.

Why do these personality disorders only come out after a person files a
workers comp claim against Kaiser, or complain because they cannot get their
needed medical care and or after fighting and getting hurt in a war?

If anything, the personality disorders belongs to the administration of
Kaiser and the DoD and their ilk.

But they have more then just personality disorders, it's also called being
sociopaths, pyschopaths and homicidal maniacs, especially when it comes to
deliberately destroying people's lives, stealing everything they worked for
via their health, denying them the ability to recover and letting them die!

Is this what we want for universal heathcare for all? Cause Kaiser has it's
doctors in everyhealth and employment related agencies in this country and
in other countries.

If you don't believe me go to and for the
most comprehensive updated Kaiser acts.

Dina Padilla who is an ex-Kaiser worker, who witnessed and experienced
Kaiser's many illegal, criminal and despicable acts on their employees and
patients to keep from paying out what they owe them and their families. They
still cry out for justice and compensation.

I can only hope that Congress and the Senate finally "see" the light, ASAP,
as to what has been happening to their consititutents every day for the last
several decades, including ALL workers..

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