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Iraqi Workers Protesters Face Gun Shots And Attempted Kidnapping
Date 08/09/02/20:55

From Iraq Freedom Congress and General Federations of Workers Councils and Unions in Iraq (GFWCUI)

To all labor unions and federations and progressive parties and movements around the world:

On August 24, 2008 (GFWCUI) called for a mass demonstration against the recent resolutions issued by the Minister of Finance in which he ordered decreasing the wages and benefits of the workers.

On that day, the officials asked the workers to send their delegates for negotiation with the minister's office manager. As a result, Subhi Albadri was elected to head a delegation of labor leaders to represent the workers who took to the street in thousands. After the meeting brother Albadri was stopped by the exit door of the ministry's building by a number of guards who belong to Badr militia. The guards confiscated Subhi's personal belongings, beat him up and attempted to kidnap him but with efforts of the surrounding workers, brother Subhi was able to avoid the kidnap. The guards however shot at brother Subhi who miraculously escaped the bullets.
Later on the same day, the guards called Saeed Nima (GFWCUI vice president) and vowed to kill Subhi wherever and whenever they find him.

Brothers and sisters,
Once again this puppet government spares no effort to show the world how vicious and terrorizing it is when it comes to deal with the people legitimate demands. This government also shows once again the amount of animosity they carry towards the Iraqis and workers in particular.

Brothers and sisters,
We appeal to you to support us by sending protesting letters to the Iraqi government and its embassies around the world.

Ask them to refrain from terrorizing workers
Tell them that the workers demands are legitimate but you are not
Tell them "workers rights are human rights"
Tell them that you are in solidarity with the Iraqi labor movement in their struggle against the occupation who brought such puppet government.

Long live solidarity

Amjad Al-Jawhary
of Iraq Freedom Congress

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