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ILCA To Establish Labor Media Center
Date 07/08/10/01:52

ILCA Convention: Beyond Katrina

The International Labor Communications Association will set up an
experiment in labor media at its biennial convention to be held October
18-20 in New Orleans.

Indy media centers, organized by progressives to teach people
journalistic skills and provide resources to create their own media,
have sprung up in locales across the country in recent years. But labor
has been slow to embrace the practice even through working people have
important stories to tell that mainstream media will not touch. Seeing
New Orleans as a city exemplifying the problems workers throughout
America are facing--racism, immigration, housing shortages,
environmental degradation and the use of crises to impose privatization
and de-unionization--ILCA will spend three days there training labor
communicators and rank-and-file unionists as they go out and report the
stories of the working class communities still struggling with the
aftermath of Katrina and the bungled recovery.

More information about the convention, to be held at the Loews New
Orleans Hotel, and the media center will be available soon on

ILCA 2007 Convention and Awards

October 18-20, ILCA will gather the largest group of labor media
activists and professionals ever assembled to tell the stories of New
Orleans. We will establish a labor media center for three days where we
- you - will be the media, capturing the issues behind the tragedy and
their meaning for all of us. Together we will demonstrate the power of
labor's voice! More information is available at

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