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"Deeds speak louder than words"
Date 08/11/11/20:15

Deeds Speak Louder Than Words
by Earl Silbar

DEEDS SPEAK louder than words. And Barack Obama's first appointment says a lot. He chose Rahm Emanuel to be his chief of staff, his whip. Whip against whom? Against the 'left wing' of the Democratic Party, to beat them into line as the Chicago Tribune editorial below explains. Emanuel's deserved reputation is as a ball-buster, a political head-cracker, and as a money-man. But, he's not just a tough, politically neutral bruiser. Emanuel's a corporate thumper, their blade in the fight.

He got started in politics as a chief fundraiser for Rich Daley's successful 1989 run for mayor of Chicago. He tapped millions for the corporate-gangster affiliated Daley who has done well for his patrons.

Emanuel then moved to the big-leagues, joining Bill Clinton's team as another top fundraiser in 1992, raising millions more by convincing the truly powerful that "Clinton, Clinton, he's your man!"

After an early burnout in Clinton's administration, he returned as Clinton's political nutcracker, squashing all Democrats who opposed Clinton's 'centrist' tilt, meaning implementing the corporate agenda, such as pushing through NAFTA when they had a Democratic majority in the 1993-4 Congress.

After the 1998 election, he took a job with an investment bank, making around $8 million in several deals utilizing his credentials earned under Daley and Clinton.

Having made his score, Emanuel then ran for Congress in 2002, raising millions whle Daley sent in literally hundreds of city workers to canvass the neighborhoods, overpowering a longtime community activist in the primary.

This election, for the first time ever, the Chicago Tribune endorsed a Democrat, Obama, for president. Writing about Obama's choice of Emanuel as his first appointment, the Friday, Nov. 7th Tribune editorial explained, " Obama's choice for chief of staff won't let the next White House get bogged down in ideological warfare." What does that mean?

They explain, " Emanuel was there as Republican took Congress in 1994, and he helped bring Clinton back- in large part by breaking the Democratic mold and working with Republicans on free trade and welfare reform." Meaning he helped shape the very policies that aided and abetted the current economic tsunami engineered by the 'free market' crooks. Welfare reform meant killing support for millions of moms, forcing them into the minimum-wage jobs employers hungered to fill.

The Tribune continues, " (Emanual) won't be shy about jousting with Democrats in Congress who try to push Obama too far to the left. So, good start." By their deeds, ye shall know them.

in solidarity, and with hope that many of Obama's millions will stay strong for the real changes we all want despite this emerging reality.


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