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Guantanamo and anti-immigrant worker raids in Mississippi
Source John
Date 08/11/16/21:09

Just read the article by Joe Atkins. RULES ARE RULES, LAWS ARE LAWS.I HAVE TO ABIDE BY THEM AND SO SHOULD ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, AND THOSE WHO HIRE AND HABOR THEM. With the crisis that we are looking at now with stocks falling, businesses going under and people losing their jobs, how important would it be for those 15 million (plus) illegals to go back where they came from so that our legal citizens could have a job??????? We can not help others if we can not help ourselves. It cost me $800.00 to get my wife here in the US after lots of paper work I did myself and about 14 months of waiting after we were married. Take 15 million and mutiply it by $800.00. Wouldn't that be a nice chunk of change for our country instead of all the money that is spent on the free services that the illegals are entitled too, and we legals are not. I could go on and on about this, but somehow I don't think it would make much of a differance to someone with blinders on.

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