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Detroit Auto Show Protest
Source Steve Holler
Date 08/11/21/10:56

I JUST READ ONE of your web pages. It is dated in 2006 about the Detroit Auto Show protest.I just wanted to interact with other people about the current issues about the big three and there 25 billion bailout and the other bailout that they had just last fall. That one got lost in the scuffle with the 700 billion dollar bailout that was going on at the time. I just want the biggest protest possible for big shots in the big three. It might not get anything done politicly but it is the message that we can build on in the future. I've worked in these factories for 20 years here in the Detroit and Flint area.The big shots want this all glammor and glitz but it is not. As many political groops involved as possible the better fot the Detroit Auto Show. Im not in a union, I will never be able to get into one, These corporate executives are just to powerful now.

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