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SEIU: Who Killed Our Integrity?
Source Dan Mariscal, SEIU 347
Date 08/12/15/13:03

THE GOVERNOR of Illinois saw a golden opportunity to turn his position into
money. With Senator Obama moving on to the White House, he now could appoint
a person to serve the remainder of Obama's term in the Illinois Senate,
maybe even be re-elected as an incumbent for another two terms..... an
excellent selling point. There could be a lot of "business" that could be
"accomplished", by such a candidate from this Senate position. So how could
this opportunity be translated into some serious money? It would have to be
through an organization. One that has access to some serious money. One that
has a reputation for making these "kinds" of deals. One that could really
use access to this Senate seat. The easiest way, the most profitable way and
the way most likely for success was given the most serious consideration.
After all, the organizations with the most integrity would have to be ruled
out. Can't have the whistle blown on this deal..... I mean, opportunity.
After huddling with his "trusted" advisors, the Governor of Illinois,
approached the most likely organization.
The envelope please (drum roll)......and the winner is......SEIU.
The contacts were made and the proposal was presented to an "SEIU official".
A directorship with SEIU's "Change To Win" was seriously discussed with this
"SEIU official", with a pledge to "run it up the flagpole". Not a
"how-dare-you-involve-us-in-this-illegal-activity" response. Not a
"no-way-Jose" response. Not a "sorry,-can't-help-you" response. But a
"let's-see-where-it-goes" response.
Whether this "SEIU official" was Andy Stern, President of SEIU, or Tom
Balanoff, the president of the unionís giant janitors local in Chicago and
head of the SEIU unionís Illinois state council, is not the point here. The
point is that SEIU is looked at, by powerful political circles, as "that
kind of an organization". Just how did SEIU's reputation digress into this
"kind of organization"? How much damage does this do to our labor movement?
At what point does an organization that purports to be "fighting for
America's working families", become part of a "criminal complaint"? What
does this involvement say about SEIU's integrity?
It says that SEIU's direction needs to change. It says that SEIU's
leadership needs to take stock of itself. It begs the members to take back
the organization that rightly belongs to them. Change to Win must now be
Change to Survive.
As scandal-ridden SEIU California locals fester over Department of Labor
violations, FBI and Congressional investigations, as well as trusteeship
attempts by SEIU administration, the members are filled with questions. SEIU
obfuscation is just not cutting it anymore. The catch-phrases and inspiring
slogans have rung hollow and the evidence of improprieties just seems to be
mounting and building.
As the SEIU administration now arranges itself in a circle with everyone
pointing to the left, the members voices cut through the fog of deceit with
a piercing and angry shout:

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