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SF NALC Resolution Demanding Opening of Gaza Border Crossings
Date 09/02/06/15:07

San Francisco National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) Local 214
Resolution Demanding Immediate Opening of Border Crossings into Gaza
Resolution adopted February 4, 2009

WHEREAS, the U.N. Security Council has called for “the opening of border crossings” into Gaza, in order to meet “the serious humanitarian and economic needs of the people of Gaza”; and

WHEREAS, there can be no relief from this humanitarian emergency in Gaza without opening all border crossings into Gaza. As the Financial Times reported, “lifting the Israeli closure of the Gaza Strip is necessary for the reconstruction and relief effort; much of the territory's civilian infrastructure has been destroyed during the three-week Israeli offensive and without building materials and supplies, there is little hope of rebuilding the water, sewage and power networks, as well as private homes and key government buildings.” (source: Tobias Buck, "Israel Warns It Will Keep Gaza Crossings Closed," Financial Times, Jan. 23, 2009); and

WHEREAS, governments the world over, as well as international human rights organizations -- from the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), to Amnesty International, to major human rights organizations in Israel itself -- are calling for the immediate opening of Israel's borders to Gaza to allow the reconstruction and relief efforts to proceed; and

WHEREAS, the Palestine General Federation of Trade Unions has appealed to the world labor movement for funds to meet the bare necessities of food and medicine for the people of Gaza;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that Golden Gate Branch 214 of the National Association of Letter Carriers call on the governments of Israel and Egypt to open immediately the border crossings into Gaza, and keep them open, so that urgently needed humanitarian and reconstruction assistance can avert further pain and suffering by the Palestinian people in Gaza.

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