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7/4 (from a union point of view), fight for 347
Date 07/07/18/12:37

On July 4, 1776, the founders of our great nation
declared the United States free and independent from
control of Great Britain. The American people had
become used to governing themselves, and had become
frustrated by stricter laws and higher taxes imposed
by the British. The American people wanted to control
the direction that this land would follow, and create
laws that would benefit them, and not a king that
ruled from another country.

What gave these revolutionaries the right to question
the sovereign authority of Great Britain? The British
empire was vast and stretched across continents. The
colonization of these lands brought great wealth and
power to Great Britain.

Great Britain underestimated the American people that
slowly united and rose to build an army of farmers and
laborers. These people had the courage to face what
seemed to the rest of the world a fight that they
could not win. Even after America had won it's
independence, Great Britain tried to test the strength
of this new union in the War of 1812. The new United
States resisted again, and the rest is history.

This country was founded on good ole-fashioned
rebellion. The America we now live in was fought for
by men and women who were not afraid to question an
authority that they felt was unfair and abusive. This
was UNION at it's finest moment.

Now we face SEIU in our own fight for "exlusive
jurisdiction" of our local. Who are we to question
the authority of SEIU and Andy Stern? How can we win
this seemingly unwinnable fight? How can we stop this
merger that is designed to silence our voice and bring
greater wealth to SEIU?

The answer my friends is simple...we will win through
good ole-fashioned rebellion. We will win through UNION.

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