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AUG. 30 hearing 4 Mr. Simpara at the Souhern Dist. of OHIO with Judge Barrett
Source Lamar Gueye
Date 07/08/26/11:48

THIS MEMORANDUM IS written on behalf of Binafou Simpara by his spokesperson Mr. Amar Gueye. Mr. Simapara is an African immigrant Muslim who was wrongfully incarcerated by a Cincinnati Police officer named Sgt. Lambert due to the fact that Simpara had previously filed a complaint against Lambert around 2003. Mr. Simpara was assigned to a public defender who promised him to plead guilty for his release from jail. After he pleaded guilty, he was still kept in jail. Any time Simpara was ready to be released, The Hamilton county Sheriff's office in Cincinnati, Ohio postponed his release. Mr. Simapara was called racial slurs according to him and was told to go back to Africa by inmates and some correctional officers. Furthermore, Simpara was threatened to be killed after the September 11 event at the world Trade Center by several inmates. On the last week of his incarceration, Mr. Simpara was assaulted by a recidivist named Cecil Bailey who used an iron bar to strike on the neck, rendering him paralyzed for life.Mr. Simapara who was one the best soccer players in the African Continent lost instantaneoulsy his dream to join the U.S. soccer team. After his release from Jail, Simapara hired an attorney named Firooz T. Namey to file a legal action. Mr. Namei represented Simpara for about a year then suddenly recused him self from the case without any reason. Then , another attorney named John Sinclaire took the case for about another year and recused himself also for no reason. Before the end of the statute of limitation, Mr. Simapara filed a legal action as a Pro Se litigant at the U.S. Federal Court Southern District of Ohio on about February-March 2005. The case was assigned to Magistrate Judje Timothy Hogan who assigned the case to the President of Cincinnati Bar association Patrick Fisher. Jusge Hogan wrote a letter to Mr. Simapara to recommend him not to speak to Mr. Fisher at the presence of his spokesperson Mr. Amar Gueye who spoke on his behalf for about two years.Mr. Gueeye is not an attorney but he is a legal scholar and a member of American Bar Association and American Trial Lawyers Association.Before the case was assigned to Mr. Fisher, another attoreny named Alphonse A. Gerhardstein said to Mr. Simapara that the court has assigned him the case and visited Mr. Simapara to interview him at the presence of Mr. Gueye on March 10, 2005.Mr. Gueye checked with the court and was told that no attorney was assigned yet to the case. Shortly after visiting Mr. Simpara, Mr. Gerhardstein wrote a prejudice summary accusing Mr. Simapara of all kinds of lies with a clear intent to destroy his legal action. Mr. Simapara asked his spokesperson Mr. Gueye to respond to Mr. Gerhardestein's disparaging letter. Mr. Gueye wrote the letter as requested by Mr. Simapara.During the first meeting between Simapara and Mr. Fisher, Fisher said that he did not want the presence of the spokesperson, Mr. Gueye. Mr. Gueye left the meeting. Therefore, Mr. Fisher only met with Mr. Simpara and his mother Mariam Toure on around November 2006.Mr.Gueye did not see nor speak to Mr. Simapara since the first meeting with Mr. Fisher around November 2006.On about February 2007, Mr. Simapara called Mr. Gueye and asked him to accomapany him to Mr. Fisher's office because he felt that Fisher and his partner were not doing anything for him. Mr. Gueye and Mr. Simapara went to Mr. Fisher's office around the easter sunday of 2007.Mr. Fisher was not there.Mr. Fisher's partner, Jeff Sefton of Keating, Muething & Klekam PLL, said that he would set up an appointment when Mr. Fisher comes back from his vacation to Puerto Rico. Last month, on April 2007, Mr. Simapara called Mr. Gueye to inform him that Patrick Fisher and his Partner, Jeff said they will no longer represent him. Mr. Fisher who sat on this case for about nine months could not even get a trial date for Mr. Simpara who is Paralyzed from neck to toes.On May 31, 2007, duiring the hear

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