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Shop Steward Question Over a One Day Notice Layoff
Source Jack Stephens, UBT 278
Date 09/06/03/16:23

Dear LaborNet,

I have a question. I am a shop steward for Teamsters Local 278 and work at UPS. I go to graduate school at the Graduate Theological Union. There were recent layoffs at the college I attend there, CDSP. The layoffs only included four people or so. One of them was a janitor who had worked under contract for 26 years and was only two years away from retirement. He was only given a one day notice of his layoff and he apparently doesn't recieve unemployment benefits because "CDSP does not pay into that."

My question:

Can he receive unemployement benefits from the state and federal as he was laid off?


I'm pretty sure that my graduate school has 75 employees or more and is qualified under the WARN legislation in California (Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification ). However, WARN only stipulates that workers must be given 60 days notice of a layoff only if there is a massive layoff, which is not the case at my school.

Is there any federal and/or state law pertaining to individual employees about one day layoffs. Alas, I believe there is not, but checking none the less.

Jack Stephens
The Mustard Seed

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