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Date 09/06/07/23:24

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson Modest Wants

My wants are few; a salary of 12 million
I deserve it; I made for AT&T 13 billion.
Never mind I did not do the work to make all that profit.
I will steal it from the workers and they will not stop it.
I still want more so I will take it from all our retirees.
I will stop pensions and benefits for all new employees.
There is more to steal so well take back sick leave and vacation.
I can do it because of fear there is economic recession in our nation.
Then there is my golden parachute and a very generous pension,
I get options on stock, a team award and expenses I forgot to mention.
I will take it all, Ill force overtime, wage slavery is what we need.
I am a corporate CEO I have the most power and all of the greed.

From an AT&T Worker

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