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Chicago ATU 241 Calls For Support For Member Beaten By Chicago Police While On The Job
Date 09/10/10/03:29

The Following Resolution Passed the Chicago ATU 241 Meeting on October 5, 2009


The attack on Amalgamated Transit Union Local 241 member Ricardo Mendoza is a threat to the safety and human rights of all transit workers and,

Largely alone, transit workers are face-to-face with the growing anger and violence caused by this economic crisis and,

The need to release all video is critical for bringing justice for this worker as well as to gather public support for the hard work transit workers do for their community,

Therefore be it resolved,

This Local calls for the police officer who attacked our brother to be promptly prosecuted, as would any other person under the law and,

This Local calls for the release of all video and other documentary material recorded during this incident to this union as well as to the public and,

Finally, this local will ask for support resolutions in defense of Brother Mendoza from all other affiliated organizations and for labor, community and civil rights organizations to support this case.

ATU 241
1340 W Washington Blvd
Chicago, IL 60607

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