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Fired SEIU 1877 ABM Stanford Janitor Wins Job Back
Source Stanford Labor Action
Date 10/02/07/17:14

Fired SEIU 1877 ABM Stanford Janitor Wins Job Back After Internet Campaign-1650 Signatures Collected
VICTORY FOR KARINA REYES! Celebration Sunday at 9

Dear Stanford Community,

Your amazingness has paid off! Yesterday morning, after 1650 emails
from all of you, ABM Janitorial Services asked to meet with Karina Reyes,
the janitor who had been fired for charging her cell phone on a computer. At
the meeting, Karina, along with representatives from her union and SLAC,
entered negotiations with ABM. We are elated to say that the outcome is
that *Karina is returning to work immediately with the same hourly pay and
same benefits! Not only that, she will also be paid back-pay for 5 of the 9
days she was prevented from working.*

**Thank you for making this possible -- it was your signatures that made ABM
give in and, just as importantly, gave Karina the confidence to stand up for
her rights in the negotiations. And special thanks to Habla and the Stanford
Asian American Activist Coalition (SAAAC) for their help.

Karina would like to host a get-together to show her appreciation for
everyone who helped her get her job back. It will be a chance for you to
meet her and your fellow Stanfordians who made this possible. Please join
us this coming Sunday, 2/7, at 9:00 pm in El Centro Chicano


Stanford Labor Action Coalition

Meetings W 7:30-9:00 in El Centro Chicano

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