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UC CUE Leadership Wants A "Tough" Union As Corporate Raiders AFSCME/CWA/IBT Go In For The Kill?
Source CUE Coalition of University Employees
Date 10/04/10/22:16

Tough Times Demand a Tough Union!

YOU DESERVE A union that will actually help its members by bringing
strength and integrity to the bargaining table, not makes deals that
lead to massive layoffs.

Vote "YES" for Teamster affiliation and remain an independent local that
is 100 times stronger.

Stop the union raiding attempts by CWA and AFSCME. Do not sign any
cards from these unions. By raiding CUE, these unions are showing their
true colors. Acquiring CUE members by undermining the Statewide
Executive Board's decision should be a clear message regarding both
CWA-UPTE and AFSCME ethics.

Ensure that you continue to determine the direction of your union
through a democratic process. The Teamsters have a strong,
long-standing tradition of local union autonomy, and is the most
democratic union there is. As a statewide organization, you will have
your own charter as an independent Teamster Local Union, you will
continue to elect your own officers and stewards and make other
decisions that affect your future in the way you always have: by the
votes of your members.

Stop the attempts to decertify CUE that threatens all you've fought for
and gained over the years.

This betrayal of union solidarity could delay your contract
negotiations, and you could lose all you have gained over the years and
be more vulnerable to layoffs. You might lose the ability to continue
your current fight to have UC pay back lost earnings due to the
temporary layoffs. Voting to affiliate with the Teamsters will end the
AFSCME raid since the two unions have a "no-raid" agreement. In the
meantime, don't sign a decertification card-you'd be risking too much!

CWA didn't negotiate the UPTE contract. The state wide UPTE president
overstepped the elected bargaining team members and did another round of
back door bargaining. Is this really the culture you want for CUE? CWA
attempted to get the state wide executive board's vote at the same time
it planned to gather cards for the decert campaign. Again, is this
really the culture you want for CUE?

CUE can stay independent-and be 100 times stronger-by voting to
affiliate with the Teamsters. 1.4 million Teamsters are ready to stand
with the 14,000 UC employees represented by CUE. We represent more than
225,000 public service employees throughout North America-more than
10,000 of them at universities and colleges-and have the bargaining
expertise and political clout to fight for your interests on every
front. Have more power at the bargaining table, in Sacramento and in
Washington, DC.

When you vote "YES," you will have 1.4 million Teamsters standing strong
in solidarity with you. You will have the support of Teamster Joint
Councils and the International as well. That means access to resources,
training, expertise and experience beyond anything you have had in the
past. The Teamsters have the experts and negotiating experience to fight
with you as UC prepares to alter your retiree health plans and downsize
the pension plan. The Teamsters also have the relationships with state
legislators and the experience and political experts to increase your
political clout in Sacramento and to protect your interests in the U.S.

When you vote to affiliate with the Teamsters, we'll be stronger
together as we partner to: When you vote "YES" to become Teamsters, you
will keep your autonomy, stop the threats to your future, and gain the
power that you need in these tough times.

For voting information, contact your local CUE office on your campus.

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