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AFSCME raiding CUE at UCSF! An Open Letter
Source Janice Rothstein
Date 10/04/10/22:36

AFSCME raiding CUE at UCSF! An Open Letter From A UCSF AFSCME3299 Member "Who Authorized This Campaign"?

From: Janice Rothstein
Date: April 9, 2010

According to this letter, below, published on CUE's website on March 29th, AFSCME is waging a vigorous and hostile campaign against our sister union at UCSF, to try to get their members to decertify CUE. This is not what I pay union dues for! Who decided to do this? I am ashamed that my union is raiding a sister union that supported us during our strike; I object to my union doing this. Is this how we repay those who solidarized with us on the picket line, to the point where 26 of their own members received disciplinary letters because they honored our picket lines? This action would be bad enough in better economic times, but with the university intent on privatizing (, which means worsening working conditions for all of us (all of us who still have a job), this is even more damaging. Instead of spending our dues raiding CUE, you should be mobilizing us members, holding mass meetings where we can network and strategize together to campaign against the University's takebacks - in coalition with all the other unions, and the non union staff, at all the campuses. One photo op in the Marin Headlands is very nice, but it's no substitute for getting our hundreds of thousands of members united in action. This raiding campaign against CUE is shameful, I am ashamed of my union for doing this! Who benefits from this? UC administration love to see unions fighting each other instead of them, it takes the heat off them.

The Executive Board needs to answer for this - who authorized this campaign? You've got plenty of our dues money to go chasing CUE members apparently. That money could be better spent holding monthly meetings. Where is our dues money going??? Where are the treasury reports that would tell us this? I demand an open accounting of how our dues money is being used; I also demand that we vote on how that money is to be used. I didn't vote to authorize this campaign against CUE, did anyone else?? Who is going to want to solidarize with us after this despicable behavior?

If the union is going to take our dues money and use it for things like this, then this union is worse than useless, and needs to get out of the way, for rank and file to organize ourselves.

Janice Rothstein
AFSCME 3299 member


March 29, 2010


Dear CUE represented staff member:

Last week, CUE leadership was astounded to learn that AFSCME (local 3299), the union that represents the service and patient care workers at UC, has initiated a plan and campaign to decertify CUE as the exclusive representative for the clerical and allied services bargaining unit at UC. Ironically, from 1984 to 1997, AFSCME once represented our unit. Frustrated by years of mistreatment and disrespect by AFSCME leadership, a group of clerical workers decertified from AFSCME and formed CUE as an independent member-run union. AFSCME is now seeking to reverse the process for some very dubious and unethical reasons. They have dubbed this campaign as "a reunification" but in reality it is a betrayal of union solidarity. For additional background and history click on this link to the CUE web site About CUE.

It is critical for all CUE represented employees to understand that a successful decertification campaign and election would leave you totally without a contract and no guarantees of the terms and conditions which might eventually be negotiated with the University. If AFSCME's decertification succeeds, it would nullify all the work we've done so far in bargaining, and seriously delay getting a new contract and raises.

Although AFSCME representatives coming around will promise contract gains (similar to what has happened recently for patient care and service workers) they have no way of guaranteeing those promises.

The CUE Executive Board considers AFSCME's campaign to go after CUE represented staff a hostile, unethical betrayal of all UC represented employees. The timing of this action could not come at a worse time since we are in a critical stage of bargaining with UC. It is dumbfounding that another sister union, that we have supported and worked with, would choose this time to issue this vicious attack upon us. This hurts us, and this insidious action must give great comfort to UC. In the years since CUE was formed as a union, we have worked closely with AFSCME at every campus, as well as statewide, in the UC coalition of unions to promote our common issues. We bargained in coalition with AFSCME to fight back UC's efforts to impose pension changes in 2007 and 2008. We have supported their strikes and rallies both with bodies on the picket lines, as well as with our treasury's financial resources by paying strike benefits to CUE workers who supported their most recent strike and the April 14, 2005 strike. At UCSF, 26 clericals received disciplinary letters for staying out in support of the April 2005 strike. CUE had to negotiate removal of those letters as part of own contract negotiations.

In the coming days you may see AFSCME organizers walking around asking you to sign pledge cards. The cards say you want them (AFSCME) to be the union that represents you. Please refuse to sign the cards and do not give them your employment or personal information, especially your social security number. If they get enough cards signed, they will then go to PERB (Public Employee Relations Board) with the assertion that clericals want AFSCME as their union. PERB will validate the signed cards and if enough valid cards are gathered there will be an election. All of this is a tremendous waste of union resources and takes the focus off the University's unfair labor policies and our current efforts in negotiations. We cannot afford two more years of contract negotiations. The only winner in this scenario is UC management not clerical and allied services workers.

Again, we ask you to refuse to sign the cards and continue supporting CUE, the union that puts YOU first.

We will be conducting many informational meetings on all the campuses throughout the UC system. If you have immediate questions, or want to volunteer your services, please contact your local contacts, or email us at

In true solidarity & on behalf of CUE Statewide Executive Board,

Amatullah Alaji-Sabrie (Chief Negotiator; UC Berkeley)
Stephanie Dorton (Secretary; UC Berkeley)
Anytra Henderson (CUE Acting President; LBNL)
Mary Higgins (Chief Steward; UCSF)
Ginger Jones (UCSF)
Maria LaBarrie (Southern Vice President; UC Riverside)
Jill Monthei (UCSB)
Kristi Rank (UCSB)
Dorthea Stewart (UCSD)

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