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Open Letter to Stephen Colbert re Arturo Rodriguez
Date 10/07/12/08:51

Colbert Report with UFW President Arturo Rodriguez

Brother Steven Colbert,

I am forwarding this information to you as you may not know me and my family and many others, who spent well over 25 years in the "Founding" and "Organizing" the original "United Farm Workers Independent Union, IBT" based in San Jose California, lead by "Oscar Gonzalez", who was the Founder also, with Organizing committee's throughout California in specific in the Coastal areas from Northern California to the Mexican Border, from 1961 through 1983, during that time, in 1966 Our Union, UFW Independent Union, merged with the NFWA/AWOC in 1966, now known as the United Farm Workers National Union (UFWA).

As a former farm worker we understood the Issue's of Foreign Contract labor, "Bracero's" (Public Law 78) , at that time person's such as Hon.Dr. Ernesto Galarza and Cesar E. Chavez, Gilbert Padilla, John Soria, opposed this inhumane system of slavery and indentured servitude, which did not allow workers the protection's and right to decent wages and the right to "Join Unions" or decide whether to have a Union of their choosing to represent their interest's as it relates to decent wages and working conditions and Health care Benefits, in the end this "Bracero Program" was abolish, now with a new Name, AG-Jobs".

We believe that the your upcoming "Telecast" of the "Steven Colbert Comedy Hour" may be deceitful and you may have been mislead in a misleading message as a "Gimmick" by the Program and the UFW Leadership itself by UFW a "Union Leader" who has never ever worked as a "Farm Worker" in the Fields himself (earning a living), let alone picked a "Grape"to this day, other than picking a grapes from his refrigerator, now that is really going to be Funny, that he is on a National "Comedy Program", with his Campaign in the justification and continuation of "Foreign Contract Cheap labor"such as the UFW's Federal Ag-Jobs Legislation and in addition his "Gimmick" as to "Taking Application for Jobs in Agriculture", this now takes the Union to it's Lowest point as a Union, when it now converts to a "Farm labor Contractor" Agency status, as a pawn in the recruitment of "Guest Workers" from country's such as Mexico, Thailand, and South Viet Nam.thus the UFW Union now acting as agent and Representative for the U.S. Corporate Growers interest's, from country's such as Mexico, Thailand, and South Viet Nam.

The UFW Federal legislation Ag-Jobs that the UFW is pushing, is supported by the Mexican Right Wing Government, National Farm Bureau, California Nisei League, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Republican Party, lets not forget the Democratic Party and Mr. Obama, what is in question hear is that at a time when Unemployment is at at least 18 to 21 % in the San Joaquin Central Valley, it is a complete farce to mislead the Viewing public that we Need to continue and justify the "Export" of Cheap labor through their Guest Worker Bracero AG-Jobs, when the issue of overtime for farm Workers, Senate bill 1121 by State Senator Dean Florez overtime for over 8 hours in a day and 40 in the Work week, these very same Corporate Growers defiantly opposed this Bill, while at the same time the Corporate Farmers want to continue to work Farm Workers overtime at 10 hours per day and over 60 hours per work week, the growers have testified and argued that "Agriculture is very unique", in other words, if it's majority of workers which constitute's the majority (Mexicanos & other Central Americans) "People of Color" it is alright to "Treat workers indifferent" thus in an unequal Job status, so what's the difference with "Construction workers" vs Farm Workers a $8.00 dollars per hour, they also work in the heat, cold, rain, the real difference is their wages "$20.00 dollars (Union) an Hour plus Benefits", that's the difference !, while at the same time we wonder why the UFW takes a very weak position on the Senate bill 1121 by State Senator Dean Florez, the UFW needs to "Organize" workers and "Represent Workers", when the real issue is a decent wages, benefits and Safety protection's, that's the real issue and NOT more "Guest Worker Programs"that exploit workers that are free to decide whether they want a Union of their choice to represent their interest's and NOT the employers choice.

These "Guest Worker Programs" such as what the UFW "AG-Jobs" is proposing, have been known to be an abusive exploitive and a controlled system by Homeland Security and The Foreign Government and in the end the "Employer" who hires and Fires, when Farm Workers are "Free" to decide for themselves they must have the right make the decision as to what Union they want to represent them Democratically.

Don't Forget to ask Mr.Rodriguez "Arturo did you ever pick and harvest grapes in Delano or else where for a living as a Farm Worker" or did you spend your life as a"Paid" Organizer (Staffer)?", who's Salary is now is $90, 000 dollars per year, just ask him to submit his check stub to you, or has he filed his application for work as a "Farm Worker at $8.00 per hour ?, we insist that "Equal Time" is necessary so at this time we are requesting that you allow the other version and "Opinion and view point", pursuant to Federal Communication Commission rules and regulations.

The real issue is is "Organizing and Representing "Workers" and the "Workers" right to negotiate a "Union Contract" "and "Legalization for all Immigrant Workers", we must be Fair to All and not play to the real politics of why people were forced and "Legally Expelled from their homeland and families, "Obama Promised he would review NAFTA and he now has forgotten his promise to review the NAFTA agreement or even renegotiate the NAFTA.

We shall await your response.

Gracias (Thank you)

Al Rojas
(916) 712-4251 cell
Labor Council for latin American Advancement AFL-CIO

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