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Oakland Solidarity Rally With Wisconsin Public Workers
Source labornet
Date 11/02/22/22:30


What: Rally in Solidarity with Wisconsin Public Workers! Fight Union-Busting!
Where: State Building, 15th and Clay, downtown Oakland (one block west of City Hall)
When: Tuesday (Feb. 22), 5:30 pm
Who: Oakland Education Association and Allies

Today (Tuesday, February 21) is a national day of solidarity with the embattled Wisconsin public workers and their fellow citizens who have come to Madison in the tens of thousands to fight Governor Scott Walker's attempt to impose harsh cuts and take away collective bargaining rights. This is a fight for survival of public worker unions.

As part of this day of solidarity, CTA and the California State Federation of Labor are holding a rally and candlelight vigil at the state capitol in Sacramento at 5:30 pm. All who can possibly make it to Sacramento for this show of strength and solidarity should go there.

Because of short notice, many won't be able to make it to Sacramento. To enable maximum participation, OEA has taken the lead in organizing a local solidarity rally at the same time as the Sacramento rally. Word of this rally has gone out to many unions, community groups and individuals, several of whom have forwarded it to their lists. If you can make the Sacramento rally, that's the first choice. But if you can't make it to Sacramento, we urge you to join us tomorrow:

For further information, contact:
Jack Gerson 510.682.4381
Bob Mandel 510.205.1556
Betty Olson-Jones 510.866.3676

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