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Whole Foods Market worker reaches out
Date 11/02/26/16:12

I AM CURRENTLY A team member at Whole Foods Market. I have been there
for almost 4 months. I have never been treated so terribly an
employer. I have been told by a supervisor that "no one is holding a
gun to my head to work here" because he was not satisfied with my work
performance. When I tried telling him I needed reasonable
accommodation for my learning disability in order to preform better he
said he did not want to know about it because he did not want to deal
with the paperwork. I was written up a month later, for not performing
to their expectations. I had then told another person in team
leadership about my need for reasonable accommodation and he got very
defensive. He told me that they did not have time to accommodate me.
All I wanted was a list of what was needed to be done and when they
needed to by done by so that I had a visual aide to keep me on
schedule. Because of my attention deficit I often forget tasks or my
mind wonders. I do not have health insurance so I can't get meds for
it at this time. Having visual aide will help me stay on talk and make
sure that all my duties are met. Not at all un reasonable, I do not

I have been told to lower my standards because no one here cares when
it comes to sanitation. The store has not passed 3 inspections in a
row, so our water drinking privileges where taken away. (I work in the
prepared foods department near hot stoves so drinking water is high up
there on the list of things no one wants to lose.) A lot of people
want to have a union at my store. Folks can written up for anything,
weather it be true or not, we are scheduled crazy hours, and many hurt
themselves- and if they get hurt they are in trouble weather it is
their fault or not.

I have been looking for employment elsewhere, but I would like to know
what I can do to protect myself in the mean time. Any ideas?

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