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"PROTEST DMH's Sham Safety Summit" at Napa State Hospital
Source Cheryl Brown, AFSCME 57
Date 11/03/25/10:30

Brothers and Sisters-

Napa State Hospital workers are asking for your support to send a message to the Department of Mental Health that the time for talking is over, and that action is needed for Safety Now!

They Don’t Need Another Meeting To Talk With The Department of Mental Health. They Need Safety Now!

In a 1989 study, consultants told the Department of Mental Health to increase staffing, provide personal alarms, and put uniformed security personnel in high risk areas. That was 22 years ago.

In 2006, a staffing task force at Napa State Hospital completed a plan for a specialized anti-violence unit that could safely treat predatory patients. That was 5 years ago.

After Donna Gross was murdered, clinical staff presented administrators with a comprehensive, well-researched list of safety solutions. That was 5 months ago.

On March 28th in Napa, Department of Mental Health plans to have another meeting to talk about safety, but we’ve waited long enough. Now is the time for ACTION, NOT MORE WORDS!

PROTEST DMH’s Sham Safety Summit

Monday, March 28, 11 am – 1 pm

Meet at Napa State Hospital Front Gate

In Napa at Intersection of Napa-Vallejo Highway (CA 221) and Magnolia Drive

For More Information contact Jeff Duritz at

Napa State Hospital Workers Testify About Murders & Assaults At Napa Community College

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