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ICE Used Against SF SEIU 87 Janitors On Picket LIne
Source Jaqueline Ramirez
Date 07/10/07/02:42

Subject: ICE on a picket line in SF . . .

Hermanos y Hermanas,

On Thursday, September 27th the janitorial contractor at 90-7th St.
(the new Federal Building) was notified the effective, Monday,
October 1st they would no longer be holding that contract and that
they would need to inform their staff of the lay-offs. The janitors
were notified of the lay-offs on Friday, September 28th. Exemplar,
the new contractor, did not offer any of the janitors employment or
give any explanation as to why. The Government Services Agencies
which is in charge of offering contracts to vendors gave no
explanation as to why the sudden change was made or even went to
say thank you to the janitors.

As a result of all of this the janitors, justifiably, came to their
Union ( Local 87) seeking refuge and solidarity. They found it and
we began picketing the building on Monday afternoon with about 20
janitors. Today, Tuesday, October 2nd Local 87 was able to turn out
60-70 janitors to picket and pass out informational flyers.
Approximately 1 hour in to the picket line 2 ICE officers arrive,
then 2 more shortly thereafter. Not too long after the gestapo
arrived 2 ICE HELICOPTERS began hovering over the picket line. ICE
tried to revoke our megaphones and move us but we refused.
Thankfully, no one was detained or questioned but their presence
was enough.

Local 87 janitors now call on all of our brothers and sisters to
come and stand in solidarity as our allies to show ICE that their
scare tactics will not silence our fight for justice-especially not
the labor community' fight for justice!

We will be picketing daily at 90-7th St. from 2:30PM to 4:00PM and
ask for anyone that can acompany us to be present.

Local 87 is also asking for all of you to pass the word and helop
us flood Exemplar's, GSA's and Nancy Pelosi's offices with phone
calls demanding that ICE stay away, that the janitors are returned
to work and that Exemplar recognize the Union. Below are all of the
important phone numbers you will need. Attached you will also find
the informational flyer being passed out at the picket line.

ICE will not intimidate Unions or our members!

Please contact me if you have any questions.

In Solidarity,
Jaqueline Ramirez
Organizer, SEIU Local 87

Daniela (project manager) (415) 722-3365
Rudy (president/owner) (619)985-9602
Lewis & Rocca (attorneys) (702) 949-8282

Government Services Agency (GSA)--Contracting Opportunities (415) 522-2700
Nancy Pelosi (415)556-4862??????

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