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Spanish activists and community media forced out from Placa de Catalunya, Barcelona
Source Salvo Scifo
Date 11/05/30/13:39

Dear All,
Fellow colleague Nuria Reguero in Barcelona reports that the regional police is expelling the people who has been peacefully demonstrating in Barcelona's Catalonia Square since 12 days using force to evacuate the protesters. Media organizations are being removed from the square, with computers and other equipments taken by the police and left in another location of the city where the owners have to go to take them back. At 11:00 GMT there where approximately 200 people claiming to remain in the square, protesting that they only had 15 minutes to remove their equipment.

Local authorities have claimed that the square needs to be evacuated in order to preserve the security during the football match that will take place tomorrow, when Barcelona FC will play the Champions League final against Manchester United at London's Wembley Stadium. In Madrid and other Spanish cities, people is remaining in the squares, voicing support to the Catalan demonstrators.

The community media organizations that were streaming from the square have been also evacuated, but are continuing coverage from their studio via live phone links from the areas surrounding Catalonia Square

A commission on community media was created on 24 May within the15-M movement's assembly in Barcelona, including 20 people working on a declaration concerning 4 main areas: spectrum as a public good, and the ritght to access it by community media organisations, community media CM recognition as a third sector, public service media and accountability, and the preservation of the Internet's neutrality.

Other actions had been elaborated in the periodical meeting held in the afternoons in Catalonia Square. Catalan community media organizations are organizing programmes together with other stations in the rest of Spain and connecting with several cities were the assemblies are expanding and decentralising, as their role is crucial to let the movement be known across the country.

The community media commission is part of the assembly commissions which are working in groups and subgroups during the morning and afternoon in some of the main squares in Spain's cities. Each day, after the casserole demonstration, a general assembly takes place, where each commission explains the work of the day and where new proposals are exposed. Demonstrations and assemblies are spreading over Spanish cities and towns in order to decentralize and to root the movement into the localities.

Further links and updates from Nuria Reguero in Barcelona are available at

Best Regards,
Salvo Scifo

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