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An Open Letter To Indiana Labor
Date 12/02/12/02:58

IUOE Operating Engineers Supported Gov Daniels AND Support WI Gov Walker-An Open Letter To Indiana Labor

YOU FOLKS KNOW well, as the rest of the country is discovering, that one union stands out among all those that attempted to stop the Right to Work for Less law in Indiana. Local 150, Operating Engineers. Why do they stand out? Because they began supporting anti-union Republican Mitch Daniels for Gov of Indiana and continued to support Daniels as Gov. And when did the "leadership" of local 150 get outraged and stop supporting Gov Daniels? When their stupidity was exposed. When Daniels could finally follow thru on his anti-union beliefs and sign an anti-union Right to Work for Less law as he prepares to walk out the door of the governor's mansion for the last time.

It must have been inconceivable to Local 150's union boss's that their unfaltering, myopic, self-serving support of a self described anti-union Republican could possibly end up bad. What are the odds.....that it wouldn't be a train wreck? Of course this primate level thinking is NOT atypical for a local Operating Engineer's "leadership".

Local 139's (all of Wisconsin) union boss, Gooch McGowan, is repeating this psychotic pattern of supporting an anti-union Republican governor expecting different results, with one minor exception. Local 150 bosses, the former Bus Mgr Dugan, Ret. and convicted felon (for stealing from the members) and current Bus Mgr Sweeney had a SIGNED LETTER from anti-union Daniels PROMISING no Right to Work laws. Local 150 recently paraded that letter out to the media while acting surprised and angry saying that they were betrayed ... by an avowed anti-union Republican "truth" telling politician no less. No one could have known that this politician would ever lie to them. They had it in writing Damn it. From a former W Bush staff politican Damn it.

And the minor exception between local 150 and 139- Local 139's self-serving Bus Mgr Gooch McGowan, has confidently informed the union members and media, that he has a VERBAL PROMISE from WI Gov Walker of no Right to Work legislation. That's much, much, more better than a signed letter, right? And there is no reason to doubt Walker even after Walker signed anti-union legislation stripping public union members of their rights, right? No reason to doubt Walker even as 6 more Republican governor controlled states are taking up Right to Work for Less legislation, right? No reason to doubt Walker as one after another of his former and current staff plead guilty, are granted immunity to inform on other Walker staff members lawbreaking, during the current Milw County John Doe investigation of at the very least, illegal Walker campaigning ... for Gov, right?

And for this kind of political head up somebodys' ass savvy, McGowan takes about $250,000 A YEAR as compensation from the rank-and-file members of local 139.

Raise your hand if you think that Republicans and the most powerful anti-union lobby in the US, the Chamber of Commerce, DOES NOT have a good read on self-serving union bosses. All those with your hands raised, step to the front to get sworn in as union "leaders". Grab as much as you can as fast as you can "leaders", cause when the rank-and-file stop paying the union member tax, aka dues, you'll have to retire to one of your homes and try to live off your 2 pensions, 401k, and fully pre-paid health care benefits.

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