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SF-Rally Against Concession Bargaining & In Defense Of Whistleblowers
Source Steve Zeltzer
Date 12/04/14/22:21

STOP SF Ed Lee Union Busting Attacks

With Mass Labor Community Action On May 1

No Contract No Work! Stop Attack On All Public Workers

No More Concession Deals Pushed By Demos & Union Tops

There is a massive political and economic attack on all public workers including the over 20,000 San Francisco city workers. Democratic Mayors like Gavin Newsom and now Mayor Ed Lee have blamed public workers for the economic crisis and forced them to take major concessions from cuts in pension contributions, contracting out and real wage cuts. At the same time they cut services and increase meters and taxes on working people.

Anti-labor proposition G passed which attacked bargaining rights of SF MTA Muni TWU 250 A and SEIU workers outlawed bargaining rights. Last year’s proposition C supported by the entire leadership of the San Francisco Labor Council, SEIU 1021 and IFPTE Local 21 along with ALL the San Francisco Supervisors cut pension benefits, allowed management to raise healthcare costs and eliminated the reciprocity rights of public workers in the city to transfer in and out of the city and the ability to keep their benefits.

This concession bargaining by SF City worker unions and GG Bridge unions has only whetted the appetite of these union busters. Only last month, Mayor Ed Lee illegally violated the contracts of SEIU 1021 and IFPTE 21 Redevelopment workers when he and his manager ignored the contracts and laid members off without seniority and made them “temporary exempt” which makes them at will employees. He plays hardball and the union officials play softball!

The unions refused to call out Mayor Ed Lee for blatant union busting tactics and are trying to pretend they can make peace with this union buster.

Lee and his Human Resources Department HRD director former SEIU union official Mickie Callahan have allowed and encouraged discrimination against senior workers, women workers who apply for senior jobs, women workers who have been sexually harassed and OSHA whistleblowers such as TWU 250 A operator Dorian Maxwell. The TWU 250 A bureaucrats are also trying to kick Dorian out instead fighting management to get his job back. Only United Working Class Action can stop these attacks and that means uniting city workers from all unions and preparing to fight together when the contracts expire with work action. The reliance on the rigged so called “collective bargaining” proposition B pushed by corrupt SEIU Stern political operative and past SF Labor Council VP Josie Mooney has led to one concession after another. Mooney helped rig the last election in SEIU 1021 and has now been hired back by the leadership as a consultant for $8,000 a month.

San Francisco has over 16 billionaires and is one of the wealthiest cities in the world and these billionaires should be made to pay for this crisis. Their plan is for more concessions on city workers, public workers and attacks on the poor and working people of San Francisco and workers thoughout the country. There is not even a transit tax in SF to make downtown billionaire corporations pay for transit that benefits them. We cannot rely on the Democrats. We need a democratic labor party that bases itself on the needs of working people and not “sharing the pain” ideology of the Demos and many union officials.

Join the City Workers/Public Workers rally against Concessions on Wed April 18th at 4:00 PM at SF City Hall (bring your placards) and also the 7:00 PM press conference/rally at TWU 250 A meeting at 1800 Oakdale St. in San Francisco We need to also fight for united workers action on May 1 when workers around the world will be going out in general strikes. It’s time US workers start to join them and bust the union busters.

Produced by United Public Workers For Action 4/12/2012 -labor donated-

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