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Solidarity Needed To Defend 1300 BCTGM Crystal Sugar Workers In Midwest
Source Mike Griffin
Date 12/04/14/22:39

From the WarZone

Dear Friends in Solidarity,

Last July 31st Crystal Sugar, a processor of beet sugar in Minn., ND. and IA, locked out 1300 members in six local unions without ever engaging in good faith bargaining. Crystal, a 2800 farmer owned co-op, offered only a best and final offer that destroys seniority, wipes out the grievance procedure, ends the retirement plan in favor of a 401k that the company does not contribute to, and dramatically shifts the cost of health care to the point of reducing union workers to poverty level wage slaves. In spite of enormous profits and hefty compensation bonuses to it’s’ officers, Crystal brought in scabs and is paying them at a cost much higher than union employees.
This lockout is devastating to the loyal workers who have served Crystal for generations. While workers in Minn. were able to get soon to expire unemployment benefits, the Republican right wing in North Dakota has refused to grant benefits to suffering families. It is shocking that needed benefits are no longer available to union workers and unemployment is decided by which party is in power. That denial of benefits has been appealed and denied and is now headed for the State Supreme Court. There is something un-American about the actions of ND government when illegally locked out workers cannot receive assistance that was designed for job losses.
Many of these workers are veterans and when our country asked them to make the ultimate sacrifice and serve in harms way, they answered the call. It never occurred to them that America would turn its back on them or that a devastating attack on their freedoms would come right here at home.
The WarZone Foundation has been actively assisting them, providing programs to assist their fundraising, providing fight-back strategies, and sustaining their families.
Please join our efforts to assist these struggling families and make a donation ASAP and bring their struggle to your communities. We will soon have a letter of support request for anyone who wants to take it to their union or organization.
Checks should be payable to the BCTGM Action Fund, or the BCTGM Hardship Fund c/o the Minnesota AFL-CIO, 175 Aurora Ave St PaulMinn. 55103. The greatest need at this time is the Action Fund.

Mike Griffin
WarZone Education Foundation Decatur IL

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