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UPWA Forum-OSHA, Chevron Refinery And Labor
Date 12/11/09/00:08

11/10 UPWA Forum-OSHA, Chevron Refinery And Labor "How Many More Explosions and Fires Do We Have To Put Up With?"
How Can Working People & The Community Defend Our Health, Safety And Environment?
Public Forum

Dr. Larry Rose, retired Chief Medical Officer of Ca-OSHA
Charles Smith, AFSCME 444 Delegate To Alameda Labor Council
Charles Rachlis, State Industrial Hygienist
Michael Delacour, Boilermakers Local 6 and Refinery Worker'
Mary Flanagan, UTR teacher in Richmond

Saturday November 10, 2012 2:00 PM
Richmond Main Public Library
Madeline Whittlesey Community Room
325 Civic Center Plaza (next to the Richmond Main Library)
Richmond, California

The continuing criminal investigation of Chevron for it's role in the explosion and fire at it's refinery is a clear example that Chevron is not only out of control but governmental agencies such as Cal-OSHA. In California there are only 182 Cal-OSHA inspectors for 18 million workers in California and the refinery had not even been inspected in 2012 until the explosion.
Refinery workers who are members of USW have been warning that there are serious health and safety problems in reports that Cal-Osha kept secret. Who is running Cal-OSHA and why are the workers voices being silenced.
We will also look at what working people and the community have to do in order to protect the health and safety. It will include the role of the Democrats and the unions are in relationship to the health and safety of working people.

United Public Workers For Action UPWA fights for protection and defense of working people and their communities. We call for criminal prosecution of Chevron Executives and managers and for public control of the Chevron refinery and the energy industry for
the benefit of working people.

United Public Workers For Action
For information contact 510-233-5820

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