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2/9-11 N. Cal Tour Of Alex Gómez Rodriguez of FESTRASPES (El Salvador)
Date 13/02/03/03:32

The Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES) presents:
Alex Gómez Rodriguez of the Federation of Public Sector Workers of El Salvador (FESTRASPES)

On February 9th -12th, Alex Gómez Rodriguez will be visiting in the Bay Area to share his experiences and strategies in the international fight for workers’ rights, as well as speak about the Salvadoran labor movement's campaign against US-sponsored privatization efforts threatening their country. Please join us (event details below!)

Salvadoran unions have put out a call for cross-border solidarity in their struggle against the privatization of public sectors such as higher education, sea and air ports, water, and electricity in El Salvador. In those sectors that have already been partially or fully privatized in El Salvador, wages have fallen drastically and workers’ rights have deteriorated.

Solidarity from the US labor movement is especially important to their struggle, as the US State Department is aggressively backing a Public-Private Partnership (P3) law that is currently before the Salvadoran Legislative Assembly. The law would concede various parts of the economy to private – and likely foreign – corporations. Please find a fact sheet about the law, video interviews of union activists who are fighting against it, and other information at

During his visit, Gómez will highlight the issues Salvadoran workers face as well as provide support to parallel struggles in California and the US. Please join us for the following events!
• Saturday, February 9, 12-2 PM, East Bay Labor and Community Lunch, California Nurses Association, 2000 Franklin St., Oakland, CA
• Saturday, February 9, 7-9 PM, San Francisco Labor and Community Event, Redstone Labor Temple, 2940 16th St. #302, San Francisco
• Monday, February 11, 11:30 AM-1:00 PM, San Francisco State University Event, J. Paul Leonard Library Room 121, 1630 Holloway, San Francisco. Co-sponsored by the Labor Archives and Research Center

Contact us at or call 415-503-0789 if you are interested in inviting Alex to meet with your union or organization.

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