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Fellow Travelers' Guide to Labor Radio
Source Michael Munk
Date 13/02/07/15:12


This from my pal Michael Funke: Tune in THE RADICAL SONGBOOK, streaming live every Friday from 10 am to noon Pacific Time and archived at . Songs of protest, rebellion, solidarity and social significance from all eras and genres. Hosted by Michael Funke, retired union editor and community organizer, in Bend, Oregon. From Woody Guthrie to Anne Feeney, Paul Robeson to Tom Morello, and all points in between and beyond. Email requests to and I'll get your song on air. Can music change the world? Tune in and find out! Radio Power to the People, Right On!

Ron Gonyea and Turner Wright produce VOICES AT WORK, airing on Fridays at 8:30PM CST, featuring great labor music and news on KPFT 90.1 FM in Houston and streaming live (and also archived) at .

Since 1989 Judy Ancel's fabulous HEARTLAND LABOR FORUM has been speaking truth to power at KKFI 90.1 FM, Kansas City, on Thursdays at 6PM CST and streaming live (and archived) at .

Lane Poncy and the Labor Collective produce LABOR RADIO on KBOO (FM) in Portland, OR - also archived and streaming live on the web.

In Elkhart, IN Charles Showalter's Union Edge streams labor music continuously at

David Beaton at Sarasota's WSLR -

Bob Howell hosts "The Real Thing" on KMUZ , Turner, OR Wednesdays from 3-5 PST

Wednesdays at 9AM PST, KSKQ Ashland, OR(features one of my favorite labor warriors - Wes Brain - on the Brain Labor Report ... news and music for the Pacific Northwest.

Thursdays at 3PM you can pick up "Boiling Point" in Cincinnati, WAIF 88.3 streaming live at . I know I'm forgetting a bunch of wonderful folks.

If you know of a good labor radio show, please go to and leave a comment, or to and leave a message.

Maybe someone with a good calendar program could print up a schedule ... I'd get my favorite union printer to put out some copies and mail them (or email them) to all interested parties, and of course distribute them at my gigs.

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