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The Bullying Epidemic Against SF City Workers
Date 13/04/06/21:15

4/15 SF Press Conference On Malfeasance And Misuse SF City Funds and The Bullying Epidemic Against SF City Workers

Tax Day Monday April 15, 2013 11:00 AM
In front of SF City Hall Polk St Entrance
Meeting On Bullying at 12:00 noon

Bullying of city workers and the systemic cover-up of corruption by city managers and executives is costing the city millions of dollars in payments in lawsuits and legal costs. The recent settlement of the case of Dr. Derek Kerr for $750,000 came about because Dr. Kerr and Dr. Rivero of the Laguna Honda Hospital reported financial malfeasance and were retaliated against and fired. Those who engaged in malfeasance are still on the job. This is only one of many instances of the bullying and retaliation against public workers who stand up for the public and our public trust.

At the SF Housing Authority, two lawyers who were whistleblowers over the bullying and malfeasance including illegal rigging of contracts at the agency by the Director Henry Alvarez were recently fired. This came after Mayor Ed Lee appointed a new board of the SF Housing Commission of city insiders. It is time for the bullying and corruption to stop and for accountability and transparency in our public agencies. City workers and the public deserve better.

Initial Speakers
Dr. Derek Kerr
Dr. Maria Rivero
Attorney Ivo Labar who represents Housing Authority Lawyer Tom Larson
Experts on Bullying And The Health Issues
Other whistleblowers and workers who have been bullied.

Sponsored by
Stop Workplace Bullying Group SWBG
United Public Workers For Action

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