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IAM member claims Corruption
Source Joe Shadwick
Date 14/06/02/14:08

HELLO, In 2009 while attending a union contract for incoming contractor with local 776 reps got clean away with defrauding it's membership through blatant lies. I was the only person to file complaint with NLRB. Over 300 members out of fear remain silent and I ended up stressing myself out seeking resolution and had a stroke in June 2012. What I found out the hard way with my LTD plan is that the union has allowed the carrier to allow offsets of my pension. So I was paying $18 a month for this policy sold to me as a premium LTD policy that if I did end up with a lifetime disability I had coverage until I am 67 years old. But when sold the policy offsets were not disclosed that would allow me to benefit from an informed decision that I did not need the premium policy. My pension is the only funds that put me above water. After 2 years the carrier sends me a pension questionnaire and then I find out my pension is an offset. This great plan benefits the carrier not the employee. First they offset your SSA benefits and then with my pension it clears them of any obligations. The 2009 in my face defrauding by the 776 local representatives and it's business rep created a hostile environment that lingers even today. I worked in a highly skilled aircraft maintenance contract with Dyncorp. The membership were lied to and told that all employees would be returning to the position held with previous contractor. But when people started receiving job offers many were demoted. I was on this contract for 17 years and I lost 2 pay grades. They did not like me because I was outspoken about the leadership issues I had and would stand up to them. I paid dearly for that believe me.

When IAM president says fix it I am witness that it is talk and nothing but talk. Funny how the big boys i.e. business reps were told to fix it in my case too. I will eat my shorts if the union and Hartford are not targeting members who have pensions selling these policies to those that are vested. I would have to be the most naive person in the world to think the 2009 defraud action did not make Paul Black the business rep a few dollars in his pocket in 2009. I did realize and learn that all government 3 letter agencies are sympathizers to the corporations because they excuse them all of fraud. I wanted to depose all the members back then but law groups it appears are on board with the fraudsters. Seeking an attorney to fight Hartford only got me mad again because after many inquiries all I got back were excuses that Hartford is too big to fight. All the lawyers wanted $400 an hour to handle the paperwork only. Free consultations? Not hardly! All I got out of those consultations were a sales pitch nothing more. Everything comes with a price. I recall unions giving $70,000,000 to the 08 campaign to elect Obama which has obviously gained unions the right to commit fraud with impunity. The deck has been stacked against union members by their own representatives. Reminds me of CONGRESS! The middle class is being wiped out by a corrupt body politic the likes of the Nero era. Obama is the fiddler on the roof. I will fight corruption until I die and I wish you success with your .org because it appears to be in my boat in this fight for justice in a nation ruled by public policy and a lawless nation without any doubt at all. A good question would be are IAM members being sold these policies across the spectrum internationally? I would not doubt it. The bigger the scam the bigger the pay off. I am in forced retirement due to my stroke so if I can help your .org in anyway possible I am on board!

Take care! Sincerely!
Joe Shadwick


I worked on an aircraft maintenance contract with around 400+ employees. I was defrauded along with all members during the last contract negotiation with Dyncorp in 2009. The business rep and local reps got away clean with telling lies to achieve a YES vote from its membership. The work environment is a highly skilled life sustaining contract. The membership including myself were all told that we would retain our old position with outgoing contractor. The vote passed but the truth came out when employees received their job offers finding out many took demotions including myself. I lost 2 pay grades but with my 30 plus years experience it was possible to get back to the top where I was over time. The NLRB were useless and the new business rep liked calling me into the office to try and intimidate me to stop advertising what they did in 09 and while I am 5'6 and the new business rep was around 6'6 I told him to go to hell and back. Remember the name Paul Black because he was the business rep that lied to the membership. A hostile environment ensued since then and still exists today. In a life sustaining environment this is dangerous but I found out the hard way nobody cares. It was obvious my local membership were scared as hell to confront local reps other than yelling matches at meetings. I never could find an attorney to depose the members to expose the truth. And just like my current situation lawyers claim Hartford is too big to fight. I guess all multibillion corporations like the too big to fail bank illusion can commit fraud with impunity.

But I have also learned our pensions are being enumerated offset with LTD carriers. I was sold a premium LTD policy costing me out of pocket $18 per month. I had a stroke in June 2012 and Hartford in the administration of the LTD policy filed for SSA disability for me. They claimed everything under the sun even SSA back pay benefits for family members and causing my son who turned 18 before LTD kicked in to lose what he should have received because they claimed his portion was theirs. A measly 1000 bucks but they dropped him and allowed no time for him to claim it himself. They never sent the paperwork the wife filled out on his behalf back to her. Hartford is a ruthless belligerent multibillion dollar outfit. It appears the company and Hartford work hard at keeping these offsets a secret. IAM sold out our pensions too. Now I find out through a questionnaire 2 years into my disability that the pension I already claimed in Jan 2013 is not mine at all. It belongs to Hartford. My 17 year pension was not a big bundle monthly as I had to draw on it early but it did put my head above water enough to save my home. I refuse to answer the questionnaire and have put Hartford on ignore waiting for the gauntlet to drop any moment. I could lose everything over an LTD policy geez. When a man is put in crisis mode he should at least be able to claim 17 years of his life's work for himself and family. This situation I am in could happen to other union members so I am putting out the word. A good question we all must determine is how many members across the spectrum of IAM Intl are getting these offers of LTD premium? I informed my co-workers and they are all pissed which shows that we all are being kept in the dark. While I feel my local union is a helpless cause due to their complicity in a fraudulent stolen democratic vote in 2009, I will attempt to notify other members to beware of Hartford as a carrier. If there is anything I can do to be of assistance please let me know!

Joe Shadwick (screwed and tattooed by corruption)

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