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It was not that long ago when "Bill Camp" supported "Kevin Johnson"for Sacramento
Source Al Rojas
Date 14/09/03/15:50

It was not that long ago when "Bill Camp" supported "Kevin Johnson"for Sacramento
Buenos Dias Hermanos y Hemanas
Y un Feliz Dia del los y las Trabajadoras que vivan los Sindicalistas de las Bases !
Good Morning Brothers & Sisters
& Happy Labor Revolutionary Day
For all Working people & a Reminder to all "Union Staff Employees" do Not Meddle in the "Political Affairs Of Union's "Rank & File's Political Internal affairs!" Stay out you are a " Union Dues Paid Employee !" It's none of your Business.
& now read Below :
It was not that long ago when "Bill Camp" supported "Kevin Johnson"for Sacramento
In fact, it was for this very reason why LCLAA-Sacramento AFL-CIO Chapter then, had a disagreement with "Bill Camp",because he attempted to strong-arm LCLAA-AFL-CIO Chapter in supporting "Kevin Johnson", during his election,when in fact fact he was aware, that LCLAA-Sacramento Chapter could Not endorse or "Officially support any Political candidate. However, "Bill Camp" wanted LCLAA-Sacramento Chapter members to volunteer and showup in support but we said that that would be an individual decision as citizens, of "Kevin's Campaign & many of us said absolutely not ! we would not support an Individual who Supported "Charter Schools" when our local Teachers Union adamantly opposed "Charter Schools" & when their "Union Teachers had been extreamly supportive of LCLAA,when Union Teachers were being Fired & Loosing their jobs & homes ,they were our brothers & Sister Union & not Support a "Union buster",While Bill Camp was supporting "Kevin Johnson", while LCLAA-Sacramento chapter was supporting the Teachers Union as we apposed the "Charter School system,Many of us individually Picketed "Kevin Johnson's Rally's Joining the Sacramento City Teachers Union in support & that infuriated "Bill Camp" while he was Speaking in behalf of the "Sacramento Central Labor Council " (SCLC)"in Support of "Kevin Johnson",which to many "Union Rank & File members Criticized the " SCLC",Yes we supported the Teachers with their "Picket Signs & banners & Some independent "Latino Organizations even joined also opposing "Kevin Johnson" for the mayor. As a result, "Bill Camp" way-went-over the line, when several years ago at the "Annual Labor Day Picnic", Bill Camp as the "Employee"of the "SCLC" called the Police to evict LCLAA-Sacramento Chapter or have us Arrested by the Police for what he believed allegedly that our "InformationTable" at the Labor Day Picnic was passing out "No Vote for Kevin Johnson" who at the time LCLAA was an legally "Affiliated" latino Labor group With the "SCLC" by demanding that we Dismantle our LCLAA Information Table out of the "Labor Day Picnic" that harmed our good name in the general Community & our union brothers and sisters of our community, and disrespected the only Mexican/Latino Labor Union organization in Sacramento; LCLAA-AFL-CIO Sacramento Chapter. He not only called the police To if need be Arrest us,which the Police attempted to do as a brother/sister Affiliated Union member Organization of the Sacramento Central Labor Council (SCLC) with his secretary who finally forced our organization out of the labor day picnic that sent a riveting disappointing chill into the Latino community. It was very sad day for our chapter and for our members. Even after when we repeatedly requested to meet & discuss our Complaint & exhaust our legal "Remedy ! to this Day he has refused ti allow our Rights to grieve per the "SCLC Bylaws !. we have not forgotten.
I & my entire family are & will continue to be proud of the Founding of a proud labor Latino Organization for the extreme work of educating our entire Community & for the hard work of its members,leadership & community work in defending
Workers Rights our Organization is owed a Public Apology for the Respect & Dignity if all & we wish no disrespect to Brother Camp
But he must accept his wrongdoing for the sake the labor movement because divided we all loose so accept your decisions.
Dose anybody remember Sister Ruth Holbrook ? Do
You all on this day remember what she went through ? Do you ?, it was a Un acceptable & uncalled for lack of respect for a Labor Woman leader who did not deserve to be treated without Respect rest in peace Sister Justice will prevail!,

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