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Three new videos from Labor Video Project
Date 14/09/14/15:16

Ironworkers Wildcat In San Francisco To Protest Contract Vote And Declining Wages And Benefits
Unionized ironworkers walked off the job on September 2014 in
San Francisco to protest a proposed contract vote did not
have the proposed contract in Spanish and Chinese. Nearly
60% of the ironworkers in California are Spanish speaking. They
were also striking to protest their declining wages and benefits as a result
of concession bargaining while other trades including Laborers are
receiving more compensation. These interviews were done on
Septembers 11, 2014.
Production of Labor Video Project

Ironworkers Speakout On Wildcat At SF 222 2nd St. Project In San Francisco
Ironworkers in San Francisco spoke out about why they went out
on a wildcat and how they view their work. Also other supporters
joined them on the picket line on September 12, 2014.
Production of Labor Video Project

Irish Workers And Unions Under Attack- Report By Irish Dublin Teacher Finn Geaney
Irish unions an workers are under attack. Irish Dublin teacher
Finn Geaney talks about the attacks on workers in Ireland,
their unions and the role of the IMF.
Production of Labor Video Project

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